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New Hartford CSD Acceptable Use Policy

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The New Hartford Central School system offers computer use, network access and Internet access to its students, faculty, and staff. Access to the school network, school email, Spartan Apps and the Internet service is a privilege not a right. The intent of this policy is to ensure that all users utilize this access in a manner consistent with the purpose of providing these services.

Teachers, staff and students are expected to adhere to this policy and notify the Information Technology department of any known violations of the policy. Parents and guardians are asked to review this policy and discuss it with their students.

The Internet is a global network linking computers around the world. Internet use provides valuable opportunities for research, curriculum support, and career development.

The primary purpose of the New Hartford Central Schools Internet service is to support the educational objectives of the New Hartford Central Schools and New Hartford’s educational community in general. New Hartford’s Internet service is not a public forum and the New Hartford Central School system reserves the right to place reasonable limits on materials posted or accessed through the Internet service.

While the Internet’s possibilities are endless, it also has potential for abuse. To use New Hartford’s Internet service the user must take full responsibility for his or her own actions. New Hartford Central Schools shall not be liable for the actions of anyone accessing the Internet through this or any other Internet connection. Users assume full responsibility for any cost, liabilities, or damages arising from the way the user chooses to use his/her access to this Internet service.

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Network Usage Guidelines

All use of the New Hartford Central Schools Internet service must be consistent with its purpose as stated above. This policy does not attempt to articulate all required or proscribed behaviors by users to this network. In any specific situation we rely upon each individual’s judgment of appropriate conduct. To assist in such judgment, the following general guidelines are offered.

  1. Users are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette which include, but are not limited to:
    1. Be polite. Use appropriate, non-abrasive language.
    2. Do not reveal personal information such as last names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, etc. that could identify the user or other students or staff.
    3. You must immediately disclose to a teacher or staff member any message you receive that you believe is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable.
    4. No person will make arrangements to meet with anyone that he/she has met on the Internet or New Hartford Central Schools Intranet.
    5. Do not use the network in such a way as to disrupt its use by others.
    6. Remember the Internet service is a resource. Do not be wasteful.
    7. Refrain from making defamatory remarks, sexual or racial slurs, and from using obscene or profane language.
  2. Network IDs and passwords are provided for each user’s personal use only. Passwords should never be revealed or shared with anyone. Users must not use another person’s password. If you suspect that someone has discovered your password you should change it immediately. Each account owner is responsible for all activity under that account. It is imperative that all users keep their passwords secret so that no one else can use their account.
  3. Any use for, or in support of, illegal purposes or activities is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, gaining any unauthorized access to other systems (computer hacking), arranging for the sale or purchase of drugs or alcohol, participating in criminal gang activity, threatening others, transferring obscene material, or attempting to do any of the above.
  4. Any use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Users may not create web pages or other ways to advertise or sell products or services and may not offer, provide, or purchase products or services through the New Hartford Internet service. This does not include school-approved activities.
  5. Any use for political purposes is prohibited except for using the Internet service to communicate with elected or appointed officials.
  6. Users should assume that all materials available on the Internet are protected by copyright. Users shall not copy and forward, copy and download, or copy and upload any copyrighted material without prior approval of the supervising teacher, the Director of Technology, the Assistant to the Superintendent, or the Superintendent or his designee. Any material obtained from the Internet and included in one’s own work must be cited and credited by name or by electronic address or path on the Internet. Information obtained through E-mail or news sources must also be credited as to sources. See the Library Media Center for the proper citation format to follow. New Hartford Central Schools and its Internet service make no guarantees, implied or otherwise, regarding the factual reliability of data collected through the Internet.
  7. Not all material accessible through the Internet is of educational value. Users are expected to refrain from seeking, accessing, or downloading material that is not relevant to assignments or course work. No students may upload or download material to or from Internet sites without permission from his/her teacher.
  8. Network users may not access chat rooms or social media websites. Games must not be played, accessed or downloaded unless they are approved by the IT Director.
  9. The New Hartford Central School system will take reasonable precautions to filter out controversial materials, as stated by law. However, it is impossible to monitor all materials and controversial information.
  10. Users shall neither download nor install any commercial software, shareware, or freeware onto computers, network drives or storage media without prior permission of the Director of Technology, the Assistant to the Superintendent, the Superintendent or his designee.
  11. Users shall not modify a computer in any way or change settings to the computer, browser, or any other applications.
  12. Users shall not upload, download, or distribute pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, provocative, or threatening material of any nature. Users shall not upload, download, or distribute visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or (in the case of use by minors) harmful to minors.
  13. Users shall not receive or transit information pertaining to dangerous instruments such as bombs or other explosive devices, automatic weapons or other firearms, or other weaponry.
  14. Users must not attempt to get unauthorized access to any network server in the New Hartford Central School system, external systems, or go beyond the user’s authorized access. This includes logging in through another person’s account, accessing another person’s files, or attempting to do either. Users shall not seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users.
  15. Users must not vandalize school computers by causing physical damage, reconfiguring the computer system, attempting to disrupt the computer system, or destroying data by spreading computer viruses by any means.

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  1. Users do not have an expectation of privacy or confidentiality in the content of electronic communications, email, Spartan Apps (Google Apps) or other computer files sent and received on the school computer network, stored in the network system or on a storage device or drive.
  2. Network storage areas may be inspected at any time. The New Hartford Central School system also reserves the right to examine all data stored on diskettes, CD/DVD, external drives, Spartan Apps Drive (Google Drive) or other storage devices involved in the user’s use of the Network service.
  3. Internet messages are public communication and are not private. All communications including text and images may be disclosed to law enforcement or other third parties without prior consent of the sender or the receivers. Network administrators may review communications to maintain integrity system-wide and ensure that users are using the system in a responsible manner. New Hartford’s Network system reserves the right to monitor all online activities of users.
  4. Electronic mail messages are backed up and saved and may be inspected at any time. New Hartford Central Schools reserves the right to inspect electronic mail and review logs regarding web sites visited and search engine queries by users to ensure proper use of resources and to conduct routine network maintenance.
  5. Student Data Privacy: No sensitive student data shall be stored locally on a computer hard drive. If student data is to be saved for any reason it must be saved to the school network drive to ensure the data remain secure and to maintain student data privacy.

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  1. The New Hartford Central Schools reserves the right to deny, revoke or suspend specific user privileges and/or take other disciplinary action, including suspensions or expulsion from school, for violations of this policy.
  2. Additionally, all handbook regulations apply to use of the New Hartford Central Schools Internet, Intranet and network service.
  3. In the event that there is a claim that a student has violated any of the guidelines in this policy, she/he will be provided with written notice of the suspected violation and an opportunity to be heard, unless otherwise specified by law.
  4. The New Hartford Central Schools will advise appropriate law enforcement agencies of illegal activities conducted through the New Hartford Central Schools Internet service. New Hartford Central Schools also will cooperate fully with local, state and/or federal officials in any investigation related to any illegal activities conducted through the New Hartford Central Schools Network services.

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