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Board of Education

Welcome to another school year.

I am honored to serve as the board president for such an outstanding school district. New Hartford’s strength and the key to its success continues to be the tremendous support provided from the parents, teachers, and staff of our district. On behalf of the entire board of education, I thank you for that support and look forward to continuing New Hartford’s legacy of success again this year. 

Pam King, New Hartford Board of Education President


Board of Education meetings are held on select evenings in the Bradley Elementary Library at 6:30 p.m. View Meetings information here.

Governance Team Principles of Operation


The members of the Board of Education agree to interact with one another with respect and consideration. Negative words, gestures, inflections will be avoided when the board is engaged in debates of differing points of view.


The Board of Education realizes that the board as a whole has authority and that individual members do not.


The Board of Education represents the entire school community and not any one group of people. Board members will encourage community members to present their questions, concerns or comments to the Superintendent of Schools, district employees, or the board as a whole rather than individual members of the Board of Education.


The Board of Education will focus on financial oversight and policy. The management of the district and the schools will be the focus of the Superintendent of Schools and the administration.

Board Meetings

The Board of Education acknowledges that meetings are for conducting business, making decisions and action; not infinite discussion and debate. Once a decision has been made the members of the board agree to move on to other issues regardless of the vote of an individual member.


The Board of Education agrees to speak to issues on the agenda and to attend to the business of the board. Board members should ask either the Superintendent or Board President to place items on an agenda and endeavor not to allow comments or questions from the audience to impede the agenda at hand.

Executive Session Confidentiality

The Board of Education recognizes that confidentiality is a key component of board membership and is essential to the development of a productive and cohesive board. Board members acknowledge the legal requirements regarding topics discussed in executive session and the sensitive nature of the duties of school district governance.

Student and Taxpayer Equity

The Board of Education’s first priority will be to ensure that all students of the New Hartford Central School District receive a world class education. The board will balance the cost of school programs with what the community can afford to provide.

For more information, please contact District Clerk Kim Schweitzer.