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Student Services

New Hartford Central School’s Student Services Department includes psychological, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, and speech and language services which are available to students experiencing academic and/or school adjustment difficulties.

These services are not intended to replace community agency or private practitioner services needed for clinical diagnosis and/or long term counseling.

Referrals to Student Services are made through each building’s Instructional Support Team. Parents who are concerned about their child’s school progress are encouraged to contact the child’s teacher or principal.

More information regarding the Instructional Support Team can be obtained by calling Josh Gifford, the Director of Student Services, at (315) 624-1311.

More information regarding the Committee on Special Education can be obtained by calling Sean Dwyer, Director of Special Education at (315) 624-1313.

Educational Equity Committee | Right at School (After School and Before School) Program | Student Registration

Educational Equity Committee

n July 2020, the New Hartford Central School District Board of Education adopted a diversity statement that read, in part, “The district is committed to being part of a larger, systematic change to confront racism and inequality of any type within our community, but especially in education.”

The board charged the district with creating a task force to examine these issues, leading to the eventual formation in March 2022 of a district Educational Equity Committee (EEC), which is composed of students, parents, community members, teachers, and school administrators.

The goal of the EEC is to work collaboratively to help the district meet its goal of ensuring that all students, teachers, and staff feel valued and can succeed, by:

  • Reviewing current practices
  • Soliciting stakeholder feedback
  • Assessing school climate
  • Studying reports and articles
  • Collaborating with experts
  • Making recommendations

Group Norms

  1. Keep students at the forefront of this work
  2. Be fully present, not just physically, but mentally
  3. Learn to recognize privilege, biases, and assumptions
  4. Ensure space for all group members to participate
  5. Practice active and empathetic listening
  6. Monitor your airtime and do not interrupt
  7. Acknowledge and invite differing viewpoints
  8. Assume positive intent and challenge ideas, not people
  9. Push each other’s thinking and disagree respectfully
  10. Have “urgent” patience and accept a lack of resolution

* introduced at the August 2022 meeting

EEC Meetings and Recommendations

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Right at School (After School and Before School) Program

The nationally recognized before and after school student enrichment provider Right at School is at New Hartford! Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, Right At School currently runs the district’s before and after-school programming.

The Right at School program runs from 7:00 a.m. until the morning bell and from the afternoon bell until 6:00 p.m. Families can work with Right at School to create flexible monthly schedules to support their busy lives. Families can choose afternoon options for one, two, three, four or five days/week. Drop-in care is also an option, allowing families to pay only for the daycare as needed. Right at School also offers a 10% sibling discount.

Every day, students are provided a healthy snack, engage in dynamic fitness activities, student-driven projects, team building, leadership development, and have time to complete homework. Right at School also features an enrichment curriculum in the form of three-week units. Examples of units include “Getting Down to Business,” where students are introduced to money and commerce; “Icky Experiments,” where students experiment with sticky substances to learn chemistry; and “Variety Show,” where students rehearse and perform individual talent acts.

Parents/Guardians may enroll students in before or after-school programs on the Right at School website. Please visit the Right at School New Hartford website to enroll.

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Student Registration

Student registration packets and instructions are available here.

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