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Spartan Athletics

“A Commitment to Excellence”

Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) Athletics – Fall, Winter Spring | Modified Teams – Fall, Winter, Spring | Live Streaming | Athletics Placement Procedure | Coaches | Sport Express Newsletter | Interscholastic Athletic Program Advisory Committee

Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) Athletics

Fall Athletics


Cross Country – Varsity
Football – Varsity
Football – JV
Soccer – Varsity
Soccer – JV


Cheerleading – Varsity
Cheerleading – JV
Cross Country – Varsity
Field Hockey – Varsity
Field Hockey – JV
Gymnastics – Varsity
Soccer – Varsity
Soccer – JV
Swimming & Diving – Varsity
Tennis – Varsity

Winter Athletics


Basketball – Varsity
Basketball – Junior Varsity
Bowling – Varsity
Ice Hockey – Varsity
Swimming & Diving – Varsity
Wrestling – Varsity
Wrestling – Junior Varsity


Indoor Track


Basketball – Varsity
Basketball – Junior Varsity
Bowling – Varsity
Cheerleading – Varsity
Cheerleading – Junior Varsity

Spring Athletics


Baseball – Varsity
Baseball – Junior Varsity
Golf – Varsity
Lacrosse – Varsity
Lacrosse – Junior Varsity
Tennis – Varsity
Track – Varsity


Golf – Varsity
Lacrosse – Varsity
Lacrosse – Junior Varsity
Softball – Varsity
Softball – Junior Varsity
Track – Varsity

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Modified Teams

Modified Fall


Cross Country – Modified
Football – Modified
Soccer – Modified
Swimming – Modified


Cross Country – Modified
Field Hockey – Modified
Soccer – Modified
Swimming – Modified

Modified Winter


Basketball – 7th Grade
Basketball – 8th Grade
Basketball – 9th Grade
Swimming – Modified
Wrestling – Modified


Basketball – 7th Grade
Basketball – 8th Grade
Volleyball – Modified

Modified Spring


Baseball – Modified
Lacrosse – Modified
Track – Modified


Lacrosse – Modified
Track – Modified

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Live Streaming

The New Hartford Central School District uses Hudl TV to live stream home athletic contests held at Don Edick Field and in the Senior High School gymnasium.

Live streams are available for:

  • Boys varsity and JV basketball
  • Girls varsity and JV basketball
  • Boys varsity and JV lacrosse
  • Girls varsity and JV lacrosse
  • Boys varsity soccer
  • Girls varsity soccer
  • Girls varsity and JV field hockey
  • Boys varsity football
  • Girls varsity and JV volleyball

Games may be viewed, free of charge, on the Hudl website or by downloading the Hudl Fan app, available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV.

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Athletics Placement Procedures

The Athletics Department has adopted a NYS approved process for screening students to determine their readiness to compete in interscholastic athletic competition by evaluating their physical maturity, fitness, and skill.

NHCS sports physical exam forms must be completed, including a health history signed by a parent, and returned to the building nurse prior to trying out for sports. Physicals may be done by your private physician or by our school nurse practitioner.

Required New York State Physical Exam Form

If your child will be entering a mandated grade in the fall, you are required to provide the district with a copy of a physical exam within 30 days of the start of the school year. This physical cannot be any more than 12 months old.

If your child plans to play a sport, this exam will serve as a sport’s physical too. New York State requires BMI and WSC (body mass index and weight status category) on mandated physicals.

Access the NYS Health Examination Form.

Return the form to the school building nurse.

District Pre-Participation/Interval Sports Health History Form

The Pre-Participation/Interval Sports Health History form should be used prior to each sport season. It is NOT a substitute for the mandated yearly sports physical.

Access the District Pre-participation/Interval Sports Health History Form.

Return the form to the school building nurse.


  1. All bona-fide students of the New Hartford Central School District who meet the eligibility requirements according to the New York State Public High School Athletic Association are welcome to try out for New Hartford Central School District athletics teams.
  2. Tryouts are offered with the understanding that cuts may be made by the coach according to the pre-season criteria, the ability level of the athlete and the nature of the sport or the facility. When a cut is made, it should be done in a manner consistent with Policy #6020. Interscholastic athletics is both an extra curricular and an elective activity.
  3. It is our belief that teams below the varsity level are for the purpose of preparing underclass athletes for competition at the varsity level.
  4. Seventh and eighth grade students who try out for a junior varsity or varsity team must have a recommendation from a district coach or a physical education staff member in order to participate in the New York State Selective Classification Program.
  5. A coach who must cut players is required to establish criteria for making the team. These criteria must be in writing and must contain measurable objectives and will be given to all athletes. A copy of the criteria must be submitted to the Athletic Director before cuts are made.
  6. When making cuts, do not post lists. Meet individually with all who tried out. Praise those who made it and talk about what the others have to do to improve. For modified cuts, the varsity coach is encouraged to help out.
  7. Before making cuts, each coach must call/meet with the Athletic Director to review the process so that consistent procedures are followed.

Additional information may be found in the Coaches Handbook.

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Coaches are listed by sport. Access coach email addresses through the Staff Directory.

SportCoaching PositionNameSeason
BaseballVarsityKevin GreenSpring
BaseballJVJohn RandallSpring
BaseballModifiedMark McFarlandSpring
BaseballVarsity AssistantChris MoranSpring
Basketball – Boys8th GradeShaun HadityWinter
Basketball – BoysHead Varsity CoachJohn RandallWinter
Basketball – BoysVarsity AssistantAnthony MaltaWinter
Basketball – BoysJVTom SnizekWinter
Basketball – Boys7th GradeShaun HadityWinter
Basketball – GirlsHead Varsity CoachDerek RichardsWinter
Basketball – GirlsAssistantMatt St. CroixWinter
Basketball – GirlsJV CoachMichaela ScarafileWinter
Basketball – Girls7th/8th GradeTom BronkWinter
Basketball – Girls7th/8th GradeElizabeth CavicWinter
Bowling – BoysVarsity CoachSteve RomanowWinter
Bowling – BoysUnpaid AssistantMatt RomanowWinter
Bowling – GirlsVarsity CoachJoe HughesWinter
CheerleadingVarsity/JV CoachBetsy SinisgalliWinter
Cross CountryModified BoysLisa FlorenzFall
Cross CountryModified GirlsMargaret KempFall
Cross Country – BoysHead Varsity CoachMike BrychFall
Cross Country – GirlsHead Varsity CoachAndrea CarneyFall
Field HockeyHead Varsity CoachMadison WilliamsFall
Field HockeyAssistantAmanda VitroFall
Field HockeyJV CoachMakenzie StevensFal
Field HockeyModified CoachNicole MossFall
FootballHead Varsity CoachJim KramerFall
FootballVarsity Asst. CoachTed SwavelyFall
FootballModified CoachDan PopeFall
FootballAsst. Modified CoachBill GardinierFall
FootballAssistant Varsity CoachJohn HurteauFall
FootballJV CoachPaul VitaglianoFall
FootballJV AssistantKevin BoviFall
FootballAssistant Varsity CoachKeith KempneyFall
Golf – BoysVarsityTom SnizekSpring
Golf – GirlsVarsityAlissa MorrealeSpring
Gymnastics – GirlsHead Varsity CoachDanielle CerminaroFall
Ice HockeyHead Varsity CoachJustin SchachtlerWinter
Ice HockeyAssistantKyle RobertsWinter
Indoor Track (CoEd)VarsityPete AndersonWinter
Indoor Track (CoEd)AssistantDiane PrimaroloWinter
Lacrosse – BoysVarsityDan Pope (HS)Spring
Lacrosse – BoysAssistantBill GardinierSpring
Lacrosse – BoysJVDavid HamlinSpring
Lacrosse – BoysJV AssistantThomas KaramSpring
Lacrosse – BoysModifieldJim FutscherSpring
Lacrosse – GirlsJVDan JonesSpring
Lacrosse – GirlsModified AssistantNicole MossSpring
Lacrosse – GirlsVarsity AssistantMark ThomasSpring
Lacrosse – GirlsModifiedSpring
Lacrosse – GirlsVarsityMike TesakSpring
Soccer – BoysHead Varsity CoachJill-Davies NelsonFall
Soccer – BoysAssistant Varsity CoachShaun HadityFall
Soccer – BoysModified CoachJason HaberekFall
Soccer – BoysJV Head CoachJim CarollFall
Soccer – GirlsHead Varsity CoachFrank DuRossFall
Soccer – GirlsAsst. CoachRich DobrodziejFall
Soccer – GirlsJV CoachPeyton LaReauxFall
Soccer – GirlsModified CoachKaitlyn DaleyFall
SoftballVarsityDan StalteriSpring
SoftballAssistantMorgan SgarlataSpring
SoftballJVMelissa GehringerSpring
SoftballModifiedJohn KeadySpring
Swimming – BoysDiving CoachTara VancauwenbergWinter
Swimming – BoysVarsity AssistantScott WannerWinter
Swimming – BoysHead Varsity CoachMark McFarlandWinter
Swimming – BoysModified CoachSean DwyerWinter
Swimming – BoysModified AssistantTara VancauwenbergWinter
Swimming – GirlsHead Varsity CoachMark McFarlandFall
Swimming – GirlsAsst. CoachScott WannerFall
Swimming – GirlsDiving CoachTara VancauwenbergFall
Swimming – GirlsModified CoachSean DwyerFall
Swimming – GirlsAsst. CoachJeremy RoseFall
Tennis – BoysVarsitySpring
Tennis – BoysAssistantChuck RoganSpring
Tennis – GirlsAsst. CoachJim LutzFall
Track – BoysVarsityShaun HaditySpring
Track – BoysAssistantMark DembrowSpring
Track – BoysModifiedKevin BoviSpring
Track – BoysAssistantEd PrueSpring
Track – GirlsVarsityLisa FlorenzSpring
Track – GirlsModified AssistantMaggie PokornySpring
Track – GirlsVarsity AssistantDiane PrimaroloSpring
Track – GirlsModifiedLauren MacDonaldSpring
VolleyballHead Varsity CoachBill GardinierWinter
VolleyballJV CoachShaye GardinierWinter
VolleyballModifiedSamantha NorthWinter
VolleyballVarsity AssistantOlivia GardinierWinter
WrestlingHead Varsity CoachDavis CarusoWinter
WrestlingJV CoachDale GriffithWinter
WrestlingModified CoachDan PopeWinter

Access coach email addresses through the Staff Directory.

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Sports Express Newsletter

View the Winter 2023-24 Edition

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Interscholastic Athletic Program Advisory Committee


The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education and work with the district toward the achievement of its educational mission according to the attached Board of Education Policy #2015.

The committee will review Board policy #6100.2 – Interscholastic Athletic Regulations. This will include review of the policy in relation to recent concerns.

It is also the intent of the Board of Education to continue the long history in New Hartford of emphasizing the important qualities of the student­ athlete. Recommendations will be made to the Board by June 28, 2013.


The committee members will include the following and be approved by the Board of Education:


  • Chairperson
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Board Members
  • Coach
  • Community Representatives
  • Dean of Students, Senior High School
  • NHEU Representative
  • NHTA Representative
  • Physical Education Department Chair
  • Principal, Junior High School
  • PTA Representative
  • Student Representative
  • Teacher
  • Coach

The Committee Will:

  1. Study factors that affect athletic programs including mandates and regulations.
  2. Gain an understanding of the legal parameters that govern school athletic operations.
  3. Be familiar with factors that affect athletic programs in New Hartford. (The Board of Education has the responsibility for hiring and retaining the best possible educators and has the legal responsibility for all contractual negotiations with all groups of employees. This area would not be within parameters of this committee.)
  4. Consider short and long-term goals for the school athletic program in cooperation with students, faculty, community, Board of Education, and state associations.
  5. Provide advisory recommendations to the Board of Education that will place utmost emphasis on the educational, physical, mental, and social benefits of interscholastic athletics to the student-athlete.


February 26 – Approve charge statement, timeline and areas of representation for committee members

March – May – Committee Meetings

June 28 – Receive report from committee

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