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Capital project work at Perry, Hughes and Myles to begin in summer 2024

March 22, 2024

During summer 2024, construction will get underway at Perry Junior High School, and Hughes and Myles elementary schools.

Work at Perry will include asbestos abatement, boiler/hot water replacement, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system upgrades, and modified softball, varsity softball and modified baseball field upgrades. Re-roofing work will also begin at all three school buildings.

The work is part of the $39.8 million capital improvement project, which was approved by voters in December 2021. The New Hartford Central School District refers to this project as phase 1 of the Health, Energy and Academics Capital Project initiative. The initiative aims to preserve and update facilities to meet the changes required by programmatic needs, implement health and safety enhancements, and improve building accessibility.

Before work can begin, New York State Education Department (SED) must approve the project. Plans were submitted to SED in September 2023, and pending SED approval, the district anticipates publishing a request for proposals this spring so that construction can begin this summer.

Throughout the past year, project architects have been diligently working through the conceptual and schematic design process, and meeting with administrators in an effort to minimize the impact on students and staff. In June 2024, staging areas will be set-up outside of Perry, Hughes and Myles so that crews can begin work immediately following Regents and final exams, and the last day of school.

Work that has been completed as part of the project includes turf field replacement at the Senior High School and re-roofing the bus garage. The district anticipates most of phase 1 to be completed by winter 2025.

Phase 2 timeline

Phase 2 of the capital project initiative, approved by voters in December 2023, is currently in the architectural design phase.

The $44.7 million project includes renovations and upgrades at Bradley, Hughes, and Myles elementary schools, the Senior High School, the bus storage garage on Graham Avenue, and minor improvements at Perry Junior High School, including the food service storage building.

The district expects plans to be submitted to SED for approval in fall 2024. Pending SED approval, construction would begin in summer 2025 and take approximately two years to complete.

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