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Health, Energy Efficiency & Academics: Phase 1

Project Overview

On Dec. 14, 2021 New Hartford Central School District residents approved a capital improvement project, referred to as the Health, Energy and Academics Project.

The cost of the project is estimated at $39,815,000 million and is anticipated to have no additional impact on the local tax share.

The school facilities are an essential and valuable community asset to the New Hartford community. They not only serve as the center for a highly regarded academic program, but as the main resource for community continuing education programs, athletic and extracurricular events, and community meetings. The facilities are highly utilized and the investment in the facilities is significant.

Steps must be taken to preserve the facilities and to update them to meet the changes required by curricular needs. Renovations are needed for health and safety reasons, to preserve existing facilities, to continue curriculum programs adopted and to improve building accessibility.

The work will be performed at the following locations: Perry Jr. High, Senior High School, Myles Elementary, Hughes Elementary and Bradley Elementary.

Scope of the Project

Perry Junior High School

  • Re-roofing
  • Window wall/window replacement
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Classroom upgrades
  • HVAC system upgrades
  • Door and hardware replacement
  • Update science labs
  • Ceiling replacement
  • Boiler/hot water replacement
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Gymnasium upgrades
  • Address drainage around the building
  • Sidewalks/access around building
  • Repave road to Hughes Elementary
  • Swimming pool improvements
  • Kitchen improvements
  • Bathroom ADA improvements

Roof Replacement

Necessary roof replacement and repair is scheduled for Perry Junior High as it is past the warranty period and useful life expectancy. The new roof will also help lower energy costs with added insulation.

Perry Athletic Complex

  • Varsity softball field with dugouts
  • Modified softball field
  • Track improvements
  • Re-grade modified football field inside track, add drainage, new goal posts, bleachers
  • Replace scoreboard at track
  • Modified baseball field improvements
  • Perimeter fencing

Bradley, Hughes and Myles Elementary Schools

Bradley Elementary

  • Install an LED Entrance Sign
  • LED lighting upgrades

Hughes Elementary

  • Re-roofing

Myles Elementary

  • Re-roofing

Food Storage Building and Bus Garage

  • Re-roofing

New Hartford Sr. High School

  • Athletics improvements
  • Replace turf
  • Resurface track
  • Add steeple chase
  • Jump pit improvements
  • Perimeter fencing upgrade
  • Bleacher improvements
  • Baseball field backstop/netting
  • Baseball dugouts
  • Outfield drainage
  • Tennis court improvements
  • Stadium lighting upgrades
  • Pavement and sidewalk improvements
  • Air conditioning in the Science Wing
  • Pool dehumidification/heater
  • Gym flooring and bleacher upgrades