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New Hartford Board of Education is Utilizing BoardDocs Software

The New Hartford Board of Education (The Board) is dedicated to the advancement and modernization of the New Hartford Central School District as a whole. The Board has decided to begin working with BoardDocs software. This decision to move to an electronic, cloud-based board management system will reduce costs and increase transparency between the Board and the Community. BoardDocs allows for more modern governance for public education boards. This allows empowering leaders with the right technology, insights, and processes to fuel good governance that school districts and communities require to thrive and endure in today’s fast-paced, digital age.

BoardDocs was developed specifically for local governments, school boards, and other private and public governing bodies to alleviate the enormous task of assembling, printing, distributing, and revising agenda items and policies. Our unique, state-of-the-art meeting management service increases transparency, saves taxpayers money, and has a positive effect on the environment.