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Running for the Board


A. Candidates for the office of member of the Board of Education (the Board) shall be nominated by a petition directed to the Clerk of the New Hartford Central School District (the District) which is signed by at least twenty-five (25) qualified voters of the district, or by two percent (2%) of the number of voters who voted in the previous annual election, whichever is greater. Petitions must state the residence of each signer, the name and residence of each candidate.

B. The notice of the Annual District Meeting must state that petition nominating candidates for the Board must be filed with the Clerk of the District no later than 30 days before the annual or special District Meeting at which the school board election will occur, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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Voting information

I. Qualified Voters

A person shall be entitled to register and vote at any school meeting for election of members of the Board, and upon all matters which may be brought before such meeting, who is:

     A. A Citizen of the United States;
     B. Eighteen (18) years of age or older; and
     C. A resident within the District for a period of thirty (30) days receding the next meeting at which they offer to vote.

II. Registration

A person must be registered with the County Board of Elections or personal registration is required with the District.

III. Not Qualified

Any person who would not be qualified to register or vote under the provisions of Election Law Section 5-100 and 5-106 will not have the right to register for a vote in an election.

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