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Jr High Clubs & Activities

Clubs are a great opportunity to meet new peers and get involved in meaningful activities and hobbies. If you are interested in a particular club, please reach out by email to the advisor and read/listen to the daily announcements for information and meeting times.  

Art Club

Advisor(s): Monica Tauroney

To give students an opportunity to create art in an environment that is conducive to creativity, excellence in art, and affords the appropriate materials.

Astronomy Club

Advisor(s): Jill Reale

To bring together students with a shared interest in the wonders of the universe. The club provides a space for young enthusiasts to explore and deepen their understanding of astronomy in a fun and educational environment.

Book Club

Advisor(s): Lauren MacDonald

To create a space where students can engage in thoughtful dialogue, foster a sense of community, and explore their passions while promoting a lifelong love of reading

Builder’s Club

Advisor(s): Maggie Pokorny

To make a difference by volunteering and helping the community and its members.

Comic Book Club

Advisor(s): Nicholas Bridge

To provide a social outlet for students with interests in comics, action hero’s, movies, video games and computer games. It provides an opportunity to develop social ties and a stronger connection to their peers with similar interests and school community

Family & Consumer Science Club

Advisor(s): Jill Davies-Nelson

To promote healthy personal and family living through learning about nutrition, food preparation, wellness, character education, family consumer issues, apparel, sewing, housing, and environmental issues.

Freshman Class

Advisor(s): Emily Bonomo

To provide leadership training, building class unity and identity, leaving a legacy.

Janus Magazine

Advisor(s): Susan Niebuhr

To produce a magazine that showcases written and artistic material from Perry Junior High students.

JH Stage Band (Jazz Band)    

Advisor(s): Dan Fabbio

To provide an opportunity for instrumentalists to learn how to play in a Jazz style on their instrument. They are exposed to the many styles of Jazz including “swing”, “Latin” “blues” and “rock”. Students also learn how to improvise and how to read chords and play in different modes. 

Note: This is only open to students who are in band, orchestra, choir, or any combination of the three.

Kindness Club

Advisor(s): Krista Circelli-Smith

To increase education and awareness on various social topics that affect the lives of our students. Students drive activities to promote a positive culture and climate based on knowledge, kindness and acceptance for all of its community members

(Formerly Students for Justice & Equality)

Latin Club

Advisor(s): Kitrina Finalyson

To encourage the study and appreciation of Latin and Roman civilizations beyond the classroom.


Advisor(s): Susan Mojave

To provide opportunity and training for students to participate in performances on and off stage.

Math Counts

Advisor(s): Derek Richards

To extend students’ thinking mathematically and to challenge them.

Math Olympiad Club

Advisor(s): Nicholas Buckley

To participate in Math Olympiad Tests with other 7th & 8th graders.

Pal 2 Pal

Advisor(s): Krista Circelli-Smith

To increase socialization and encourage positive peer relationships through fun after school activities. Pals get matched up into groups based on individual needs and create meaningful friendships by getting to know each other through games and activities


Advisors(s): Susan Niebuhr

To provide space for our LGBTQ+ students and allies to gather to discuss issues that they face, focusing on ways to move our school community forward in their acceptance and understanding of our LGBTQ+ community.

Project Purple

Advisor(s): Bethany Truax

The goal of Project Purple is to create a peer network in schools to empower youth to make healthy choices. PP club will encourage overall wellness, development of coping skills and leadership in schools and communities. Through club meetings and events, students will learn about healthy choices, decision-making skills, stress management, self-care, and empowerment.

Science Olympiad

Advisor(s): Michael Hinman

To unleash the science whiz in students through competitions and tournaments.


Advisor(s): Amy Gillander

To promote problem solving through competition and provide opportunities for students to apply their mathematical knowledge in new and different ways by solving non-routine problems.

Student Council

Advisor(s): Jill Davies-Nelson & Richard Jayne

To promote school spirit, voice student opinions, organize student activities. To provide leadership and team building opportunities outside of the classroom. To promote good behavior, encourage high scholastic standards and realize that individuals possess gifts to share, welcoming differences and diversity

World Languages Club      

Advisor(s): Miyo Wratten and Bethany Turo

To promote an appreciation of international culture and languages.


Advisor(s): Lisa Morgan and Taylor DeCarr

To produce a creative and memorable yearbook for the entire school community.