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Sports Express: Winter 2023-24 Edition

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Letter from the Athletic Director

Spartan athletics, once again, had a very competitive winter season. On the court, wrestling mat, ice, and in the pool and bowling alley, Spartan student-athletes competed to the best of their ability, proudly representing our school and community. Please enjoy the winter season accomplishments and highlights within this newsletter.

Highlights from the Winter 2023 Sports Season

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Tri-Valley League (TVL) Champions and Section III Champions (3rd Section III Championship in 5 years)

Boys Varsity Bowling

TVL Champions and Section III Champions

Boys Varsity Swimming and Diving

TVL Champions and Section III Champions

As with any worthwhile program, there are key people behind the scenes that allow us to provide athletic competition as a part of the educational program in the New Hartford Central School District. Thank you to Scott Gaffney (Transportation Department); Tommy Levanti, Kristian Sierson, Lance Wehrle and Matt Miller (Buildings and Grounds Department); Spencer Strife (athletic trainer); coaches, volunteers, security, New Hartford Police Department and everyone who helps provide athletic opportunity for our students.

John W. Banek
Athletic Director

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Girls Varsity Basketball

The girls varsity basketball team finished the season with a 12-10 record, placing 2nd in the TVL and earning an eight-seed in sectionals. The team’s achievements also included a four-game winning streak, as well as winning the Baldwinsville Tip-Off Tournament.

Led by team captains Danielle Lucas, Kate Noonan, and Kacey Richards, the Lady Spartans also strived for excellence off the court. The team held its first ever Teacher Appreciation Night in February to honor educators who have had a positive impact on them. In March, they helped raise more than $10,000 for America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk in Utica.

Two senior student-athletes, Kate Noonan and Kacey Richards, were instrumental in helping the team find success. Underclassman Ava Brazier, Tara Fobare, Danielle Lucas, Mikayla Jaros, Charlotte MacTurk, Allie Philipkoski, and Kamryn Richards also contributed to a great season. Tara Forbare was named 2nd Team TVL All-League and Danielle Lucas was named 3rd Team TVL All-League.

It was an impressive season for the Lady Spartans both on and off the court.


MVP – Danielle Lucas
MIP – Kathryn Noonan
Unsung Hero – Kacey Richards
Heart and Hustle – Tara Fobare

The Team

Ava Brazier
Tara Fobare
Mikayla Jaros
Danielle Lucas
Charlotte MacTurk
Kathryn Noonan
Allie Philipkoski
Kacey Richards
Kamryn Richards

Head Coach – Derek Richards
Assistant Coach – Matt St. Croix

basketball player dribbling down the court and out-running opponents
basketball playing dribbling
basketball player standing on the court

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Boys Varsity Basketball

The boys varsity basketball season started with one win and seven losses, but through hard work and commitment, they went 8-6 down the stretch, earning a home sectional game and defeating Homer 70-45. Ultimately, the season concluded with a sectional loss at Jamesville-Dewitt.

Jameson Stockwell was voted 1st Team All-TVL by the league coaches.

The Spartan’s teamwork was influential beyond the court, participating in Toys for Tots and providing Thanksgiving dinner to the Abraham House, an organization that supports and cares for individuals and their families facing terminal illness. Coach Randall and Coach Malta wish all the best to seniors Giroux Arcuri, Tyler Brennan, Jack Dillon, Dan MacTurk and Chris Suriano.’s teamwork was influential beyond the court, participating in Toys for Tots and providing Thanksgiving dinner to the Abraham House, an organization that supports and cares for individuals and their families facing terminal illness. Coach Randall and Coach Malta wish all the best to seniors Giroux Arcuri, Tyler Brennan, Jack Dillon, Dan MacTurk and Chris Suriano.


MVP – Jameson Stockwell
MIP – John Dillon
Unsung Hero – Benjamin North
Heart and Hustle – Salvatore Weller

The Team

Thomas G. Arcuri
Samuel Beaton
Tyler Brennan
Cutler Cristiano
John Dillon
Ian Evans
Trevor Fobare
Daniel MacTurk
Michael Niebuhr
Benjamin North
Yuvraj Patel
Jameson Stockwell
Christopher Suriano
Salvatore Weller

Head Coach – John Randall
Assistant Coach – Tony Malta

basketball player jumping with ball to make a basket
basketball player standing with arms up in the air to block an opponent
basketball player holding the ball, preparing to pass it in-bounds

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Unified Bowling

The unified bowling team, through exceptional teamwork, completed the regular season undefeated and placed 2nd in the TVL at the end-of-the-season tournament.

This fun and energetic team was led by seniors Nick Massoud, Patrick LaCreta, and Mark Radel, all of whom will be missed dearly next year. The team’s talent was also supported by student-athletes Maya Frawley, Maddie Phillips, John Paul Radel, Ian Lee, Sagan Lark, and Jayson Flack.

The team’s athletic accomplishments were complemented by their exemplary demonstration of compassion, tolerance, inclusion, sportsmanship and fun.

The Team

Jayson Flack
Maya Frawley
Patrick LaCreta
Sagan Lark
Ian Lee
Nicholas Massoud
Madison Phillips
John Radel
Mark Radel

Head Coach – Jill Davies-Nelson

female bowler holding ball preparing to bowl
male bowler getting ready to release the ball down the lane
female bowler throwing the ball down the lane

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Boys Varsity Bowling

The boys varsity bowling team’s talent earned them a 13-1 regular season record, a TVL tournament win with a record-setting five-man team score, and their third consecutive Section III Class B (Division 2) title.

Five bowlers were named 1st Team TVL All-Stars (Ray Cyr, Trevor Cyr, Andrew Cyr, JP Lazzaro, Brendan Krol), and Nick Bennett led the list of 2nd Team TVL All-Stars. Ray Cyr led the TVL average with 218 and competed as a member of the Section III State Composite Team.

The team wishes their four graduating seniors, Nick Bennett, Brendan Krol, Ethan Kosowski and Ken Kowalczyk, well with their post-high school endeavors. Even with the loss of these seniors, six starters will return to the team next year and they look forward to another outstanding season with the goal of clinching a state title.


MVP – Raymond Cyr
MIP – Trevor Cyr
Unsung Hero – Andrew Cyr
Heart and Hustle – Nicholas Bennett & Brendan Krol

TVL Champions – Class B Section III Champions

The Team

Nicholas Bennett
Tegan Brunette
Andrew Cyr
Raymond Cyr
Trevor Cyr
Braylon Ewing
Ethan Kosowski
Wyatt Kosowski
Kenneth Kowalczyk
Brendan Krol
John Lazzaro
Jaydan Major

Head Coach – Steve Romanow
Volunteer – Matt Romanow

bowler releasing the ball down the lane
bowler holding ball up in the air behind his back, preparing to throw the ball down the lane
bowler releasing the ball down the lane

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Girls Varsity Bowling

The girls varsity bowling season was exciting, challenging and a learning experience.

It was a tough season with 5 wins and 9 losses, earning the team 5th place in the TVL.

Diana Sorensen (captain) led the team with an average of 173, followed by Julie French with an average of 150.

Scholar-athletes included Eve Miller, Diana Sorensen, Harper Callard, Zoe Mortensen and Red Miller.

Talent from all team members proved to be invaluable for the Spartan girls bowling team and will serve as an asset in the future.


MVP – Diana Sorensen
MIP – Julie French
Unsung Hero – Harper Callard
Heart and Hustle – Eve Miller

The Team

Harper Callard
Julie French
Sophia Kallen
Eve Miller
Jane Miller
Zoe Mortensen
Janaiya Nelson
Olivia Sniezek
Diana Sorensen

Head Coach – Joe Hughes

bowler throwing the ball down the lane
bowler holding the ball in two hands intently staring down the lane
bowler with arms and legs extended after releasing the ball down the lane

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Girls Varsity Cheerleading

The girls varsity cheerleading team worked on improving choreography and stunting skills.

Award recipients for the season included Isabella Santiago, Isabel Silva, Lillian Brady, and Revae Kwiatkowski.

The team would like to thank the boys and girls varsity basketball teams for a great season.


MVP – Isabella Santiago
MIP – Isabel Silva
Unsung Hero – Revae Kwiatkowski
Heart and Hustle – Lillian Brady

The Team

Lillian Brady
Elizabeth Burnett
Sara Burton
Mia Jackson
Julia Kalaf
Revae Kwiatkowski
Isabella Santiago
Isabel Silva
Ella Thompson

Head Coach – Betsy Sinisgalli

cheerleader smiling with one hand on her hip and the other in the air
a group of cheerleaders standing center-court performing a routine with their arms extended in the air
cheerleader holding a pom-pom in the air

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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Finishing the season with 19 consecutive wins, for a 19-1 record, the girls varsity volleyball team earned the Section III Class A championship title. It was the team’s third sectional title in five years.

The team would like to thank everyone who contributed to their season, including Mr. Banek, Mrs. Cunningham, Mr. Levanti, Spencer Strife, Shaye Gardinier (JV coach), Sam North, Kelsey North, all of the parents and fans and notably, Assistant Coach Olivia Gardinier.

Student-Athlete Highlights

Elise Courto

  • TVL, Section III Class A, and CNY All-Star
  • Player of the Year for TVL and Section III Large Schools
  • Record holder in
  • Record holder in career kills – 712, season kills – 332, career digs – 559, and career aces – 168

Abby O’Connor

  • TVL, Section III Class A, and CNY All-Star
  • Record holder for assists in a season – 605

Keegan Matthews

  • TVL, Section III Class A, and CNY All-Star

Leah Brennan

  • 2nd Team TVL All-Star

Mia McDermott

  • 2nd Team TVL All-Star

Riley Heenan

  • Honorable Mention TVL All-Star


MVP – Elise Courto
MIP – Mia McDermott
Unsung Hero – Abigail O’Connor
Heart and Hustle – Alexa Noonan

The Team

Madeline Appler
Leah Brennan
Elise Courto
Lindsay Ellis
Ashlee Fisher
Madison Freiberger
Ruby Gehringer
Riley Heenan
Keegan Matthews
Mia McDermott
Alexa Noonan
Abigail O’Connor
Isabella O’Connor
Annie Ward

Head Coach – Bill Gardinier
Assistant Coach – Olivia Gardinier

volleyball player squatting with arms extended, ready to bump an incoming ball
volleyball player bending over with hands on knees
volleyball player jumping in the air to spike the ball

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Boys Varsity Swimming and Diving

The boys varsity swimming and diving team was able to repeat as the Section III Class B team champions this season. In a dominant performance, the Spartans outscored the 2nd-place team by 210 points. The title was a team effort with every student-athlete who was eligible to score points, scoring in their respective events.

Among the team’s accomplishments was winning the Falwell Cup for the first time since it was created in 2005. The Falwell Cup is awarded at the state qualifier meet where the top swimmers from every school in Section III (from Class C to Class A) compete in every event and then a team champion is determined. The team won the Falwell Cup without winning a single individual event, making it a true team effort. What’s more, it was the first time in Section III history the boys and girls programs from the same school earned the Falwell Cup in the same school year.

Troy Luley broke the pool record and the school record in the 100-yard breaststroke. All three relay teams and many swimmers won individual Class B sectional championships. Swimmers who won Section III championship events included Parker Putnam, Troy Luley, Kareem Mohamed, Brendan Gruneich, Isaac Gruneich, Arman Tresnjo, and Deklan McCarthy. Arman Tresnjo was named Class B Swimmer of the Meet and also went on to earn the Sportsmanship Award for Section III at the state championship meet.

Arman Tresnjo and Troy Luley competed individually at the state championship meet and made it to the finals in each of their races. The three relay teams also qualified for finals and scored points at the state championship meet.

The team wishes its two graduating seniors, Kareem Mohamed and Arman Tresnjo, well in the future and the underclassmen look forward to building upon the success of the program next year.


MVP – Arman Tresnjo
MIP – Landon McMichael
Unsung Hero – Isaac Gruneich
Heart and Hustle – Troy Luley

TVL Champions – Section III Champions

The Team

Eoin Clive
Khalid Elmarasy
Omar Elmarasy
Samuel Freiberger
Brendan Gruneich
Isaac Gruneich
Jae-Hoon Lee
Jierui Lin
Aidan Luley
Troy Luley
Deklan McCarthy
Garrett McFarland
Landon McMichael
Finn McNair
John McNair
Karim Mohamed
Parker Putnam
Jack Reale
Eamon Scott
Seamus Scott
Alexander Stanton
Alen Tresnjo
Arman Tresnjo

Head Coach – Mark McFarland
Assistant Coach – Scott Wanner
Coach – Tara Vancauwenberge

swimmer wearing goggles and cap swimming in a lane
diver upside-down in the air above the pool with legs tucked into his chest
swimming bent down in the starting blocks preparing to jump into the pool

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Boys Varsity Wrestling

The boys varsity wrestling team showed a lot of growth this season. With the addition of Utica Proctor, along with Sauquoit Valley, student-athlete participation is on the rise.

As a team, the Spartans had an 8-7 record with very close dual meet losses.

Seven student-athletes qualified for the Section III tournament.

William Griffith (grade 8), placed 3rd in the Class AA wrestling tournament and 6th in Section III.

Victor Petronella (sophomore), placed 5th in a competitive bracket in the class tournament. He had two varsity wins last year; this year he had 27, earning the Most Improved Player Award.

Caden Beecher (junior), the Heart and Hustle Award winner, placed 2nd in the class tournament.

Michael Caruso (senior) placed 2nd in the class tournament and was voted Unsung Hero of the team. The team was able to count on Michael in dual meets and tournaments for hard wrestling, moral support and tutoring if they needed it.

Pat Barres (senior) won the Class AA championship in his weight class, a first for Spartan wrestling. He then went on to place 5th in Section III.

Ethan Daley (senior) placed 3rd in the class tournament and 4th in Section III. It was a remarkable comeback for Ethan who went 33-7 after missing his entire junior season due to injury.

The Most Outstanding Wrestler Award went to Chris Belmonte (sophomore). In the Class AA finals, Chris won against his opponent who was among the top-ranked wrestlers in the state. He was also able to advance to the state tournament, after defeating the wrestler ranked 5th in the state, to earn second place in sectionals. At the state tournament, Chris placed 3rd behind two seniors.

Many student-athletes who have a promising future will return to the team next year. Victor Petronella, Connor Sonson, Caden Beecher, Jacob Hurd, Will Griffith, Zain Challab, RJ Perna and Chris Belmonte will all be fierce competitors, not only helping the dual meet squad, but also earning top placements at sectionals and states.


Most Outstanding – Christopher Belmonte
MIP – Victor Petronella
Unsung Hero – Michael Caruso
Heart and Hustle – Caden Beecher

The Team

Patrick Barres
Caden Beecher
Christopher Belmonte
Michael Caruso
Zain Challab
Ethan Daley
William Griffith
Jacob Hurd
Micah Malowicki
RJ Perna
Victor Petronella
Connor Sonson

Head Coach – Dave Caruso
Assistant Coach – Dale Griffith

New Hartford wrestler in a ready stance
two wrestlers competing on the mat
New Hartford wrestler pinning and opponent

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Boys Varsity Ice Hockey

The boys varsity ice hockey team, led by ten senior student-athletes, battled their way to sectionals and concluded the season with a 17-3-1 record.

Despite the Spartans having over 50 shots on net in the sectional semifinal game against CBA, their season ended in a 2-1 overtime loss.

The Spartan’s defensive core was headed by senior defensemen Rowan Gall (captain) and Dylan Joy, and in net, senior Derek Joy. On the offensive side, senior assistant captain Anthony Falvo (19G, 23A, 42 points) and sophomore Gavin LaPolla (18G, 22A, 40 points) led the forwards.

Accolades included:

1st Team All-Stars – Rowan Gall, Anthony Falvo, Gavin LaPolla
2nd Team All-Stars – Derek Joy and Dylan Joy
All CNY All-Star Team – Rowan Gall, Anthony Falvo, Gavin LaPolla

The coaching staff looks forward to next year and building on this year’s success.


MVP – Derek Joy
MIP – Daniel Achen
Unsung Hero – Jake Hill
Heart and Hustle – Gavin LaPolla

The Team

Daniel Achen
Liam Bubnis
Collin Calhoun
Sean Elbrecht
Anthony Falvo
Rowan Gall
Nathan Grucza
Jake Hill
Chad Hull, Jr.
Derek Joy
Dylan Joy
Brock LaPlant
Gavin LaPolla
Caleb Massoud
Rocco Mastrovito-Smith
Joseph Mungari, Jr.
Xavier Obernesser
Daniel Paciello
Caden Perini
William Picolla
Garrett Smith
Liam Smith
Nicholas Syrotynski
Christopher Vetter
Kevin Wadsworth

Head Coach – Justin Schachtler
Assistant Coach – Kyle Roberts

Goalie with arm extended making a save on his knees
hockey player holding a stick skating past the goal
two hockey players and a ref preparing for a face-off

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Varsity Indoor Track

It was a season of change for the girls varsity indoor track team. The majority of the roster consisted of brand new members along with a largely new coaching staff. As is their standard, the team performed at a level the New Hartford community would be proud of.

A successful season ended with many great accomplishments. Despite being outnumbered by larger teams, the team repeatedly held their own in both the Mohawk Valley Indoor Track Association’s TVL Championship where they finished 4th, and at the Section III Class A championship meet.

Seven student-athletes qualified for the sectional championship in seven separate events. Additionally, senior Kaleigh Durso (high jump) and sophomore Alexandria French (3000m) competed in the state qualifier meet. At the end of the season, French (3000m) and senior Nicole Calogero (pole vault) were named TVL All-Stars.

Meet results didn’t come close to capturing the level of commitment exhibited by the team, but new personal records became a constant for most team members, promising great potential in the future.

The boys varsity indoor track team performed at an exceedingly high level once again, featuring breakthrough performances despite frequently being outnumbered in events. The team finished second in the TVL Colonial Division, pulling an upset and besting rivals like Proctor and Rome Free Academy.

The team’s student-athletes grew accustomed to new roles as previously younger members became experienced runners, throwers and jumpers. Notable achievements were made throughout the season with several team members setting personal records in their respective events. Sophomore Nitesh Constantine set a new school record in the triple jump (43 feet 6 inches). Additionally, Nitesh Constantine (triple jump) and senior Cooper Borelli (300m) were declared TVL champions in individual events.

In total, twelve student-athletes qualified for sectional competition in nine separate events.

The 4x400m relay team (Dylan Merrill, Vishal Budhu, David Daley, Cooper Borelli) and 4x200m relay team (Dylan Merrill, Julian Pacheco, Vishal Budhu, David Daley, Vinny Diodati, Cooper Borelli) qualified for the Section III state qualifier meet. They were joined by Nitesh Constantine (triple jump) and weight throwers Mikeal Hawkins and Noah Elwood.

At the end of the season, the 4x400m relay team, Cooper Borelli (300m), Nitesh Constantine (triple jump) and Josh Knapp (long jump) were recognized as TVL All-Stars.


MVP – Alex French & Nitesh Constantine
MIP – Sarah Garrabrant & Mikeal Hawkins
Unsung Hero – Elmas Abdallah & Michael Radell
Heart and Hustle – Claire Mitchell & David Daley

The Team


Elmas Abdallah
Emerald Abdallah
Kiersten Barmore
Sofia Beltran Granados
Nicole Calogero
Keira Ciufo
Aditiri Das
Emma DeSanctis
Taralyn Dowd
Kaleigh Durso
Anaab Farooq
Alexandria French
Sarah Garrabrant
Aasana Gautam
Haylee Hawkins
Isabella Hayes
Mathea Kostic
Hailie Kress
Claire Mitchell
Abigail Neale
Abigail Northrup
Maya Padmanabhan
Luna Pauley
Alyssa Pylinski
Floresa Rugovaj
Sydney Walker


Brandon Alesia
Samson Allen
Eldin Andelija
Noah Blessing
Cooper Borelli
Salaheddine Bourhim
Julian Brazier
Vishal Budhu
Michael Caister
Nitesh Constantine
David Daley
Vincenzo Diodati
Joshua Ellis
Noah Elwood
Daniel Excell
Brycen Gaiser
Edson Gamarra
Samuel Getman
Mikeal Hawkins
Adem Kapo
Steven Karrat, Jr.
Joshua Knapp
Austin LaFond
Jamil Lamarre
Kimani Mbugua
Dylan Merrill
Julian Pacheco
Jordan Palmer
Aleksandar Pejcic
Michael Radell
Andrew Snyder
Nathan Testa

Head Coach – Pete Anderson
Assistant Coaches – Matthew Crumrine, Gabby DeSanctis, Diane Primarolo

Female New Hartford runner leading a pack of runners
Male runner running on the track
female athlete throwing a shot put
male athlete throwing a shot put
female runner running on the track
male athlete jumping into a sand pit with arms up in the air

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