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Athletics Handbook/Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

I. The purpose of this athletic code is to reinforce the expectations the New Hartford Central School District has for the students participating in interscholastic athletics. Athletics teach students about many important qualities that they will need following their graduation from New Hartford Central School. These qualities include discipline, responsibility, honesty, self-control, dedication, sportsmanship and respect toward others. Our student athletes have voluntarily chosen to make an additional commitment in their educational experience and in doing so have agreed to follow the expectations set forth by the New Hartford Central School community.

A) Due to the fact that many teams and individuals are training year-round for their athletics teams, it is expected that all athletes will adhere to the athletic code year round.

  1. Student athletes will refrain from using or possessing any tobacco product.
  2. Student athletes will refrain from using or possessing alcoholic beverages.
  3. Student athletes will refrain from using or possessing any mind or performance altering drugs or substances.
  4. Student athletes will fulfill their commitment to their team unless the coach and Athletic Director agree that it is in the best interest of the team and the individual to not fulfill that commitment.
  5. Student athletes will attend all scheduled practices and games, unless the student is absent from school or has prior permission from the coach.
  6. Student athletes will refrain from any activities that result in an out-of-school suspension.
  7. Student athletes will attend school and classes each day school is in session unless legally excused by a parent.
  8. Student athletes will conduct themselves in a manner that avoids being insubordinate or disorderly and endangers the health, safety or morals of others while in school.
  9. Student athletes will avoid any violations of any state or local law, off school grounds as it relates to another student of the school, school property or employees of the school or conduct which endangers the health, safety or morals of others, students of the school, school property or employees of the school.

B) Student athletes are expected to maintain a high level of academic
achievement. To that end, a student athlete will never be penalized by the Athletic Department for missing a practice or a game due to an academic responsibility.

II. The expectations for all of our student athletes will be posted in the schools and in particular, in the locker rooms. A copy shall be in the student handbook. Coaches are required to read aloud the entire athletic code of conduct prior to the first practice and a copy of the written code of conduct will be sent home to the parents. By participating in the sport, the student athlete is demonstrating his/her
willingness to comply with all the expectations of a student athlete at New Hartford Central School.

III. In case of alleged violations of the rules:

A) Alleged violations shall be reported to the Director of Athletics or the building principal. The building principal or Athletic Director shall conduct an investigation regarding the alleged violation within three (3) school days of the reported incident. If the investigation indicates that a violation of the Athletic Eligibility Rules may have occurred, then the Athletic Committee shall conduct an informal hearing within three (3) school days of the principal’s (or Athletic Director’s) determination. The investigating official will present the information to the Athletic Committee. Penalties for violation shall be determined by the
Athletic Committee consisting of: athletic director or principal (the one who did not conduct the investigation), the coach of the student’s sport, and a teacher or coach appointed by the building principal and athletic director. The athletic director or principal will serve as Committee chair. It is the intent to have the same teacher at each school serve on the Athletic Committee. Therefore, an alternate may be designated for the Athletic Committee by the Building Principal or Athletic Director.

B) The consequences for a violation of the set forth expectations shall be determined by the Athletic Committee. Violations of expectations 1-4 and 9 will carry a minimum penalty of ineligibility for 25 percent of the contests according to policy. Violations of expectations 5-8 will carry a minimum penalty of ineligibility for 10 percent of the contests according to policy. The committee will also have the authority to recommend counseling in any appropriate situation. The number of ineligible contests will be determined by using the number of regularly scheduled games. However, in order to fulfill the penalty, play-off games will be counted. If a student is not participating in athletics at the time of the hearing, the penalty will carry over to the next season in which the student will participate. The maximum penalty shall be ineligibility for interscholastic sports for one full year from the day of violation. If the committee’s ruling involves a decision by a court of law, the committee may adjourn until corresponding court action takes place.

C) The sports seasons are:
FALL – Legal starting date for football practice – to last scheduled contest
WINTER – Legal starting date for winter sports practices – to last scheduled contest
SPRING & SUMMER – Legal starting date for spring sports practices – to legal starting date for football practice

D) The Athletic Committee’s decision shall be sent in writing to the
Superintendent, who shall send it to the student and the parent or guardian and the Board of Education. The Physical Education Department Chairman shall report all cases of ineligibility to the Superintendent, coaches and Building Principal.

E) The student and/or parent or guardian may appeal the decision of the Athletic Committee in writing to a Review Board consisting of the Superintendent, School Board President and the Vice-President of the School Board. Any appeal must be within ten (10) school days following receipt of the Athletic Committee’s decision. The Review Board shall review the decision of the Athletic Committee to insure that the decision was neither arbitrary, capricious nor unreasonable. The Review Board’s findings will be submitted in writing to the student, parent or guardian, Athletic Committee and the Board of Education. This decision will be final.

IV. Absenteeism:
A student who is absent because of personal illness during the afternoon session of a school day, may not practice or participate in any games scheduled for that day or night. A Friday absence because of illness may exclude a student from playing on Saturday. However, there remains the possibility that the student may sufficiently recover. A parent’s permission in this instance is required for the student to play on Saturday.

V. Insurance:
The student must report any injury to the coach immediately. The school does not carry student accident insurance. If parents desire this coverage, they may wish to contact their individual carrier. The student must also report to the nurse as soon as possible to fill out a report if medical treatment is necessary.

VI. Athletic Concern Procedure:
If you have any questions or concerns about athletics, you should contact district personnel in the following order:

  • Coach
  • Athletic Director (315) 624-1283
  • Building Principal (315) 624-1214 High School; (315) 738-9300 Junior High
  • Superintendent (315) 624-1218
    If after contacting the above, you still have not obtained satisfactory resolution, you may contact the Board of Education either in writing or orally during “Recognition of Visitors and Delegations,” a time set aside for this purpose at each Board of
    Education meeting. Please be advised that comments about personnel are not discussed during public sessions of Board meetings.

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Player/Coaches Responsibilities

General Behavior

  1. When traveling, all players should be well groomed.
  2. When traveling, players should remember that they are representatives of their school.
  3. Respect officials of the game.
  4. Always be a gentleman/lady.
  5. Be loyal to teammates.
  6. Be a part of the team, physically and mentally.
  7. Remain under control.
  8. Hair should be restrained so not to interfere with athletic competition.
  9. Be a good citizen at all times.

Use of Equipment

Any equipment donated by an outside (non school related) group, must be accepted by the Board of Education before the equipment is used by students and staff.

The Athletic Code of Conduct contains a section entitled “Absenteeism”. This section of the code states that students must be in attendance “during the afternoon session of a school day” in order to participate in practices and games on any given day. In order to achieve consistency between the junior and senior high schools on what constitutes the afternoon session, we will establish 11:30 A.M. as the time by which a student-athlete must be in attendance in order to participate in practice/games. This time coincides with the end of lunch at the high school and the end of 9th grade lunch at the junior high.

Additional information may be found in the Coaches Handbook.

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NCAA Eligibility Requirements

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization dedicated to providing a pathway to opportunity for college athletes. Over 1,000 colleges and universities are members of the NCAA. Those schools work together with the NCAA national office and athletics conferences across the country to support more than 500,000 college athletes that make up over 20,000 teams competing in NCAA sports.

NCAA eligibility is based on a student-athlete’s academic readiness and amateur status. If you’re thinking about playing college sports, it’s crucial to know what this means – and it’s best to start learning now.

View the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete 2023-24.

Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center website for additional information.

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