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Title I

The New Hartford Central School District recognizes the importance of active parent and family participation in the education of their student. The District therefore shall involve parents and family members of eligible students in the development and implementation of innovative programs and activities to ensure the delivery of appropriate educational services to eligible students.

The District recognizes that the purpose of Title I funding is to improve the educational opportunities of educationally disadvantaged students. The District therefore shall use Title I resources to help educationally deprived students succeed in regular district programs, attain grade level proficiency, and improve achievement in basic and advanced skills.

Parent and family engagement in Title I programs

To learn about the District’s expectations for parent and family engagement in Title I programs, view the complete Policy 1101 PARENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT IN TITLE I PROGRAMS and Policy 7307 PARENTAL AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT IN TITLE I PROGRAMS

View the complete Policy 7303.2 PARENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT PLAN, which implements Policy 7307, setting forth action steps that District Administration will take in a given school year to achieve certain goals set by Board Policy and to comply with the District obligations under Title I.

Complaint Procedure

Any school parent or teacher or other interested person or agency may file a complaint concerning violations of ESSA Title 1, Parts A, C, and D; Title 2, Part A; Title 4, Part A or of the General Education Provisions Act; or of Section 100.2(ee) Academic Intervention Services of the Regulations of the Commissioner.

All complaints must:

  • Be submitted in writing to the Superintendent
  • Be signed by the person or agency representative filing the complaint;
  • Specify the requirement of law or regulation being violated and the related issue; and/or the concern;
  • Contain information/evidence supporting the complaint; and
  • State the nature of the corrective action desired.

If not resolved within 30 business days, the complaint regarding Title 1 should be sent to the New York State Education Department by email to CONAPPTA@nysed.gov with “COMPLAINT” in the subject line or mail to:

New York State Education Department
Office of ESSA Funded Programs
Room 320 EB
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234
Attention: Complaint Coordinator

If the complainant is not satisfied with the New York State Education Department’s response, the complainant may submit the complaint to:

U.S. Department of Education
Compensatory Education Programs
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
Room 3W230, FOB#6
Washington, DC 202026132