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New Hartford students grow skill set with the help of a local business

June 21, 2023

A group of E.R. Hughes Elementary School students have mastered an important life skill: tying shoelaces.

The students in Brianne Slatton's kindergarten class, with the help of The Sneaker Store, are now members of the “Shoe Tying Club.”

The Sneaker Store, a locally owned and operated business, lent shoes to Mrs. Slatton’s class for students to practice their newly acquired skill. Students used the shoes to fine-tune their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

“The students were kind, patient, and encouraged each other as they learned,” said Mrs. Slatton. “We decided to celebrate their achievement with a donut party because no one in the class can say they "donut" know how to tie their shoes anymore.”

In February 2022, the New Hartford Board of Education adopted new district mission and vision statements and goals, which include fostering school community engagement by developing partnerships that will nurture future-focused learning.