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UPDATE: NH Schools comply with requirements for lead testing in water outlets

UPDATE January 6, 2017 

Dear Parents and Guardians: 

On September 6, 2016, Governor Cuomo signed new legislation requiring the testing of drinking water in New York Schools for lead levels.  The new legislation is explained in "State Department of Health Issues New Regulations to Mandate Lead Testing in New York Schools by October  31; New York First State in the Nation  to Complete Lead Testing  in All School Districts by End of 2016."   To access this document please visit the following link: 

In anticipation of this legislation, we contacted our Oneida-Herkimer­ Madison BOCES Safety Office and requested testing  of all water fixtures for lead.  The Safety Office has provided a full Comprehensive Report of the sampling program, which includes a district survey of source locations, sampling, reporting and follow-up assistance.  Of the water fixtures tested the ones listed below showed lead levels above the allowable 1 5 ppb (parts per billion) marks:

 Hughes Elementary

Room 116 Classroom Sink
Room 168 Classroom Sink
Room 165 Classroom Sink
Room 165 Classroom Sink
Room 152 Classroom Sink
Kitchen Room Sink
Room 187/186 Bathroom Sink
Room 187/186 Classroom Sink
Principal's Office Bathroom Sink
Boys Locker Room Bathroom  Sink
Coach's Office  Bathroom Sink
Girls Locker Room Bathroom  Sink

Myles  Elementary

Room 148 Classroom Sink
Room 113 Custodian Sink
Boiler Room Custodian Sink
Girls Locker Room Bathroom Sink
Boys Locker Room Bathroom Sink

Bradley Elementary & Sr. High School (Oxford Rd Complex)

Room 288 Classroom Sink
Room 218 Classroom Sink
Room 288 Classroom Sink
Room 220 Classroom Sink
Room 294/290 Classroom Sink
Room 213 Classroom Sink
Room 211 Classroom Sink
Room 222 Classroom Sink
Room 215 Classroom Sink
Room 224 Classroom Sink
Room 102 Kitchen Sink
Mens Bathroom/Custodial Sink
Room 019 Classroom Sink
Kitchen Bathroom Sink
Kitchen Sink
Girls Locker Room Bathroom Sink
Girls Locker Room Custodial Sink
Room 176 Classroom Sink
Room 180/182 Classroom Sink
Room 169 Custodial Sink

Perry Jr. High School

Room 187 Classroom  Sink
Room 187 Drinking Fountain
Room 183 Classroom Sink
Boiler Room Ice Chest
Girls Locker Room
Custodial Sink
Boys Coach's  Office  
Custodial Sink
Room 169 Women's Bathroom  Sink
Room 161  Kitchen  Sink 

Room 156 Classroom  Sink

Room 143 Science Rm Sink
Room 135 Science Rm Sink
Room 135/131 Science Rm Sink
Kitchen  Sink

Kitchen  Sink

Kitchen  Sink

Room 124 Custodial  Sink

We have posted  signs on fixtures with  elevated levels to alert students and staff to avoid drinking the water from them.   The suspect areas will be remediated to ensure that  levels are consistent with  legal requirements and the district's standards  for providing a safe, secure and healthy  environment for all students and staff. 

You can review a copy of our first set of water testing results at the school Business Office, which is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,  For more Information or clarification about water quality in our schools, please contact me at 624-1202 or our Plant Engineer, Andy Morgan, at 624-1233.   For information about water quality and sampling for lead at home, contact your local water supplier or state drinking water agency.


 John  McKeown
Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs