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Newsweek ranks New Hartford One of America's Top High Schools

 News Week
New Hartford Sr. High Ranks 225 in the nation for High Schools!

News Release

FOR RELEASE:         Immediate                                           Date:  August 23, 2016

Newsweek recently ranked New Hartford High School as the 225th most successful high school in the nation.  Graduation rates and college acceptance rates are primary factors in determining overall success along with statistics from the U.S. Department of Education.

This is one of the highest rankings that New Hartford Schools has ever received.  “The ranking is attributed to the commitment and dedication of the students, teachers, staff and parents,” Superintendent of Schools Robert Nole said.  “The ranking is further evidence of the robust programs and courses offered to all students district-wide [K-12] and the result of focused attention to curriculum planning.  It’s an honor for which our community and school district should consider a source of pride.”

Mr. Mark Benson, high school principal states, "It is wonderful to see the hard work and dedication of our students, faculty and staff recognized in Newsweek.  This ranking serves as evidence of our commitment to high academic standards as well as graduating students who are college and career ready."

New Hartford Senior High School has been recognized as the 29th best high school in New York State.  This ranking demonstrates that what we are doing in New Hartford is producing some of the best results in the United States.  To put this into perspective, these results put us in the top 1% of high schools in the nation in terms of academic rigor, graduation rate and college readiness.  It is truly an honor to have our efforts recognized at this level.

Newsweek utilized “six indicators culled from school surveys to compare public high schools in the U.S., with graduation and college acceptance rates weighed most heavily. Other criteria included: college-level courses and exams, ratio of counselors to student enrollment as well as SAT and ACT scores - another mark of how well a school prepares students for college.


                                                                                    _____Robert J. Nole________________

                                                                                    Robert J. Nole

                                                                                    Superintendent of Schools