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    New Hartford School Reopening Advisory Committee


     Charge Statement:

    1)  The School Reopening Advisory Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education.  The work of the committee will assist the district towards finalizing a plan that provides confidence, predictability, and comfort to our students, faculty, and parents upon the reopening of school in fall 2020. 

    Students depend on and benefit from routines to learn and thrive. Parents should know that their children will be learning in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our staff must be assured that a systematic approach will be taken to connect all the various elements of the school day ensuring continued health and well-being.

     This committee will build on the guidance of education and health care professionals to recommend ideas for policies to protect our mutual health while at school and for our greater community.  Overall, the goal of the committee will focus on the health and safety of our entire school community while providing a true Spartan student experience.


    2)  The committee will: 

    Study guidance documents from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), New York State (NYS), and the State Education Department (SED) that affects reopening school buildings. 

    Gain an understanding of the public health requirements that govern building occupancy.

    Be familiar with factors that affect the restart model in New Hartford and remain committed to utilizing best teaching practices, whether face to face instruction, remote learning, or a hybrid.

    Anticipate specific social-emotional needs of students as well as the impact on special education and support services.

    Consider community expectations for school programs, services, and performance.

    Envision flexible approaches to schooling that will address emerging individual and public health needs. 


    3)  The School Reopening Advisory Committee will share its findings and recommendations by submitting a report to the Board of Education.


    4)  Timeline

    June 23 - Establish charge statement timeline, parameters, and areas of representation for committee members                             

    July 8  - Approve committee                                

    August - Board of Education receives the committee report