Thank you for submitting your questions so that we may respond to you and our school community.


    Please send additional questions to covid@nhart.org


    What details can you provide about instructional plans?


    Paper learning packets will be mailed to elementary students in grades Kindergarten-6 on March 18, 2020.

    Given the nature of secondary instruction and the needs of certain subject matters, secondary students will receive learning materials through a combination of paper packets, online learning materials, school website posts, and/or teacher email.  Such materials will be mailed and/or made available beginning March 18, 2020.  Students without internet access will receive paper learning materials via US Mail.  We are surveying families to determine the availability of Internet connectivity in homes.  For your convenience, find a link to Spectrum for free Internet access on our COVID-19 Info page.  


    Please read Assistant Superintendent Allen Hyde's letter regarding our instructional continuity plan.


    What is the school lunch plan? 


    Are all students eligible for school lunch?


    In response to the coronavirus shutdown, the New York State Child Nutrition Program granted a waiver to the O-H-M BOCES consortium (of which we are a part)  that allow free meals at no cost to the District to all school-age children 18 and under. We began providing free grab-and-go lunches for all students on March 17, 2020.  Lunches will be available at designated pick-up points each weekday from 11:00 a.m. until noon.  There is no pre-ordering necessary unless special dietary accommodations are needed. For special dietary accommodations or other needs, please pre-order by 9:00 a.m. each day by calling 315-738-9321.

    Lunch pickup:  Myles Elementary School Main Entrance

                           Senior High School Main Entrance


    Why have I not received correspondence from


    the school district via email?


    If you are not receiving email notifications from the school district, please contact your student's school to ensure your email is in our information system correctly.  If you need further assistance, please contact CJ Amarosa, MIS Director, at 315-624-1212 or cjamarosa@nhart.org.


    School cancellations are affecting events


    like the Senior Trip; can I still pay for those?


    For the time being, schools are postponing events and trips during the coronavirus shutdown.  For details on specific school activities, see below.


    For the Senior Trip . . . 

    The senior class advisors have postponed the deposit fee.  The new collection period will be April 14-17, 2020.


    Will end-of-year testing proceed as usual?


    The District will continue to work closely with the New York State Education Department to face the challenges of the coronavirus shutdown.  At this time, no information is available regarding the rescheduling of grades 3-8 NYS state assessments for the 2019-2020 school year.  Also, there have not been any published changes to Advanced Placement testing or New York State Regent's Exams.




    The social and emotional component of schooling is essential . . .


    There are many ways that our New Hartford school community can stay connected during this challenging time.  Our instructional continuity plan will help maintain each child's connection to their classes and teachers.  Our school community should remain hopeful that people of all ages may use this time for growth.  We can deepen our relationships with family members, and utilize technology to stay in touch with friends and colleagues.  Not least, physical activity is critical to staying healthy.  Our student instructional packets each contain recommendations from our physical education teachers on how we can all stay fit and active in the weeks ahead.


    Students and parents should feel free to reach out to building principals in the event that a student's mental health matter may need to be addressed.  


    Senior High Principal Mark Benson:  mbenson@nhart.org

    Junior High Principal Ric Ripa:  rripa@nhart.org

    Bradley Elementary Principal James Davis:  jldavis@nhart.org

    Myles Elementary Principal Judeanne Carcone Rockford:  jrockford@nhart.org

    Hughes Elementary Principal Jason Stefanski:  jstefanski@nhart.org


    You may also find these resources helpful:


    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Children's Mental Health

    New York State Office of Mental Health