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  • Statement Regarding Youth Sports Coach

    New Hartford Central School District administrators have learned of the alleged felony charge brought against Carmen F. Esper, a longtime youth sports coach in the community.

    Mr. Esper never served in an official capacity as an employee or volunteer of the New Hartford Central School District.


  • New Bell Schedules (Click for Schedules)

    This past June, the Board of Regents passed a new regulation regarding the required amount of instructional time. Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, schools must meet a new minimum number of hours of instruction per year. In addition, NYSED has made it clear that lunch and passing time do not count toward the minimum number of hours.

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District News

  • Back to School and Curriculum Nights set for September 2019

    “Curriculum Night” at our elementary schools and “Back to School” nights at the Junior and Senior High are great opportunities to meet teachers and to learn about New Hartford Central School’s educational programs.

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  • District Emergency Response Information

    The District has multiple response scenarios at its disposal. Please note, there is a distinct difference between a LOCKOUT and LOCKDOWN. Please Click to find brief descriptions of each response to help dispel any confusion one may have differentiating between responses.

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  • NYSSHSC Immunization Requirements

    immunization Requirements for School Entrance. July 1st is the beginning of the school year.

    Important Information on Legislation Removing Non-Medical Exemption from School Vaccination Requirements
    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation removing non-medical exemptions from school vaccination requirements for children.
    As of June 13, 2019, there is no longer a religious exemption to the requirement that children be vaccinated against measles and other diseases

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