• A school district with a strategic plan has a roadmap to guide its school board and administration in making decisions that align with the priorities identified by the district’s many stakeholders. 

    In 2022, the New Hartford Central School District embarked on the process of developing a five-year strategic plan. In addition to collecting data to determine where the district is excelling and where it may need to focus more resources, it used ThoughtExchange, an online communications platform, to gather feedback from the district’s many stakeholders:
    junior and senior high students, parents and caregivers, district staff and community members, as well as members of the higher education and business communities.

    From that feedback, the district was able to identify four topic areas that rose to the top when identifying areas of importance for the district: Academics, Communication and Collaboration, Facilities, and School Environment and Connections.

    The administration and board will review the district’s plan progress several times annually, and each summer, identify objectives to work toward throughout the upcoming school year that support the priority areas. 

    All activities proposed and underway will support the district’s vision, mission and goals.


  • An innovative community of lifelong learners.


  • The New Hartford Central School Community ensures an engaging, student-focused environment where everyone can learn, succeed and values excellence, innovation, citizenship and integrity.


  • Future-Focused Learning Environment: Reimagine teaching and learning to provide expanded opportunities for student success.

    Individualized Student Success: Graduate all students by cultivating a holistic program where each individual is challenged, supported, and reaches their full potential.

    Long-Term Financial Sustainability: Plan resource and revenue allocation that ensures the long-term financial sustainability of the district.

    School Community Engagement and Communication: Foster trust and community with all stakeholders and develop partnerships that will nurture future-focused learning.

Priority Areas

  • Academics 

    • Provide an equity-based educational system that supports the needs of all students.

    • Provide lifelong learning opportunities for the educators who support our students. 

    • Provide rigorous and relevant curriculum and instruction to address New York learning standards and frameworks through the Curriculum Cycle and Curriculum Alignment Process.  

    Communication and Collaboration

    • Be the first and best source of school district information while providing avenues for two-way communication with the district’s many stakeholders.

    • Create an atmosphere of transparency and trust between the district and its students and their families, district staff and the greater New Hartford community.

    • Provide district staff learning opportunities so that staff members may continue to grow their individual communication skill sets. 


    • Develop improved district safety procedures and facility security.

    • Implement a long-range capital improvement plan for facilities and bus replacement.

    • Integrate energy performance enhancements with facilities maintenance.

    • Implement advancements in technology.

    School Environment and Connections

    • Conduct annual student surveys to gauge student perception of school climate.

    • Effectuate increases in the average daily attendance of students in all schools.

    • Provision of an equity-based educational system that supports student voice.

    • Increase the percentage of students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses.

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