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    Student Services

    New Hartford Central School's Student Services Department includes psychological, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, and speech and language services which are available to students experiencing academic and/or school adjustment difficulties.
    These services are not intended to replace community agency or private practitioner services needed for clinical diagnosis and/or long term counseling.
    Referrals to Student Services are made through each building's Instructional Support Team. Parents who are concerned about their child's school progress are encouraged to contact the Child's teacher or principal.
    More information regarding the Instructional Support Team and/or Committee on Special Education can be obtained by calling Pamela Smoulcey, the Director of Student Services at 315-624-1313.

    Director of Student Services
    Pamela Smoulcey
    Secretary - Student Services
    Sheila Shaheen
    Preschool Coordinator
    Sarah Walker