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    If you are taking a course with me this semester (spring 2021) please keep an eye on your spartan email for updates, class codes, etc.

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    Mytych 21




    Online Expectations

    I am requesting all students have their camera on during class. If circumstances prohibit you from meeting this request, I must receive an email from a parent/guardian in advance. Thank you 

    Students must follow the "Students Expectations for Remote Leaning" posted by the district. 

    I expect students to...

    • Join zoom meeting at the beginning of their scheduled class time. Be on time!!
    • Cameras on, Mute on.
    • Utilize chat in an appropriate manner! Chat is for questions and discussions regarding class. No off-topic or inappropriate discussions will be accepted. 
    • Participate in class discussion when I encourage it, turn mute off and let's talk! 
    • Disruptive behavior will result in removal from zoom meeting after 1st warning.