• Pantheon
  • Mrs. Finlayson

    Final Exam time is upon us! To help you study use this link to a variety of culture and grammar questions that will help get you in tip top shape for your final exam.  http://http://quiz.nle.org/  
    Carpe diem et bona fortuna! Bonne chance! Mrs. Finlayson is excited for another exciting and challenging year founding Rome with Romulus, campaigning with Caesar in Gaul (France), and conquering the world alongside the Roman Senate and Emperors with the help of the Olympian Gods. 
    This year Mrs. Finlayson is teaching Intro to Latin, Latin 1, 2, 3 and Intro to French. Hope you are as excited and ready for all the fun and exciting things we will learn this year as Magistra (Teacher) Finlayson is. Check out your class's page and check out the helpful website list to stay informed.