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    Food Service Director


    School Food Service Program
    School lunch will be available for FREE to all students again this year!  This means now through June 2022, students will not need to pay for complete lunches. Limited a la carte items such as milk or bottles of water, will still be available for purchase, so students who plan to purchase items, can prepay using MySchoolBucks, check or cash. The district’s food service management program system allows each student to have an “account” with us. This is a debit account (not a credit account). This means that the family can deposit money into the student account and then purchase items using that account.
    Each student has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with a unique bar code. At meal time, the student punches his/her number into the cashier’s key pad, and the computer accesses his/her account. It will be recorded that students received a lunch, or if a la carte items were purchased.

    What Are The Benefits?

    • You know where your money is going. Only food items can be purchased; cash cannot be taken out of an account.
    • You can pay with a weekly, monthly, or yearly check – you don’t have to hassle with spare change every day. And that change won’t be lost before lunch, either.
    • Students enjoy having their own accounts. It allows them to assume responsibility, and even learn how to budget their money.
    • Free and reduced price student account numbers cannot be distinguished from paid student account numbers. Not even the cashier can tell.
    • Since less cash is handled, the meal lines will move more quickly.
    How Do You Participate?
    It’s easy. For new students in the fall, a letter will be sent to you with your child’s PIN. Returning students will keep their same PIN number. The numbers will be used to obtain meals and ala-carte items in the cafeteria.
    Deposit forms will be available by the cashiers in the cafeteria, and also in the school office. You may pay by cash or by check. Please make checks payable to “School Food Services.” Students can turn in their deposit to their teacher, at the main office before school starts each morning, or drop it off in the cafeteria.
    Can We Pay Online?
    Yes! We utilize an online service that permits parents to pre-pay and manage student lunch accounts online.
    For specific details call 738-0848, School Food Service Office.