• Welcome to the New Network Information Section
    As you know the IT Department has been working hard on upgrading our network system. We have moved into a new era of computing and, without getting too technical, a network system that will serve us for years to come. This is only phase one of an ongoing project. We have replaced our very old servers with new more powerful and highly efficient ones. Dell Servers
    With any improvements there is change. Change for the better! The instructions here are to help guide you through the changes and help make the transition as smooth as possible.

    We no longer have what was called “Network Homes”. Network homes is a function designed for small home networks that allow sharing of resources in a small environment. Although convenient, it posed a number of issues in our large network. We have now moved into a true “Enterprise Network Environment”.

    So what does this mean for you? Mainly the difference will be where your files are stored and how to properly save them. Your Home ->Documents (your house) is now strictly a local account, which means it is located on the physical computer and not the network server.
    When you log into a computer for the first time, a local account gets created on that machine.
    This local account, and it's associated folders and files are available only on that computer. Desktop, program preferences, temporary files, bookmarks, libraries, iTunes, etc., are all locally saved on that one computer.

    This doesn't sound like much, but with these system files and programs locally saved, the computer does not have to go out to the server to retrieve information and data – this will allow the computer to run much faster.
    Network traffic is also kept to a minimum and will provide quicker response time. This alone will have a very positive impact on the network and reduce the pinwheels/beach balls.

    The downside, is of course, knowing where your files currently are and / or where you may have just saved your files.
    A little care will need to be taken as to where you are saving your files.
    The instructions that follow are designed to assist you.

    Bottom line... the House is no longer your ideal Home to put your files in. If you do save to your documents folder (your house) your files will only be available on that one computer. This is fine for your classroom computer, but not if you are on a lab computer or someone else’s computer. If you want to access your files from another machine within the district, the files need to be saved to your server folder. If you save something to your desktop on one computer, and then go to another computer, those files will not be there. But if you save to the network you will be able to retrieve the files anywhere in the District.
    You can always save your files to your Spartan Apps Drive as well and have access to your files anytime, anywhere.

    Very Important: One major thing to keep in mind: if you save your files locally only, and the machines dies, or if we have to reimage the machine for some reason, the files go away and cannot be recovered. You can save your files locally without issue but be sure to keep backup copies in your server folder!
    Please use the links to the left to find helpful instructions on using the new network.