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    My students are about to embark on a fabulous semester of English 10!  We have a great semester in store, with some terrific class texts and no doubt some exciting conversations.  This will be a demanding course, but if students maintain good attendance, keep up with all class assignments, participate regularly, and challenge themselves in thinking and writing, they will have success.  I expect the workload to be demanding, yet manageable.  Students will have regular homework assignments outside of class that further the work we do in class, and are essential for success.  If at any point a student is feeling overwhelmed or needs clarification, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment and meet with me.



    Our goals this year will be to develop students' reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  This will be accomplished through reading a broad range of texts, both literary and non-fiction, as well as regular class discussions, journaling activities, short answer responses, and longer analytical essays.  We will also work to improve close reading skills, textual analysis, critical thinking, and higher order thinking.  Every text has been selected carefully, and every activity is deliberate and purposeful.  If we work hard, we will accomplish all of these goals.




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     Stack of hardcover books topped with a graduate's black mortorboard hat.



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