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Information Technology Department
We are moving into an age of technology natives. Computer in lab
Today's adults have learned how to use technology, but our children are born with it. O
ur students not only understand technology, but expect it.
This heightened level of expertise of the student population is changing education and the classroom.
How, when and where students learn has become a 24/7 experience. It is now up to schools, teachers and staff to meet the changes, challenges and demands of student learning.

Our job as technology leaders is to provide the tools, education and understanding in the use of technology to enhance learning and ensure the student has a positive learning experience.

The Information Technology Department's responsibilities are to support the computer infrastructure and develop new strategies associated with combining education and technology.  Our number one mission is to provide faculty, staff and students with the tools needed to succeed in today's ever changing technological world.
Education is changing – it is a very exciting time!
CJ Amarosa
MIS Director
New Hartford Central Schools