• NHCSD Transportation Department
    Bus The Transportation Department works hard to provide safety, customer service, and timely pickups and drop-offs of students.
    Bus Stop and Pick-up times
    (Route Numbers are located in the SIDE WINDOW next to the bus entrance door)

    Approximate times are given on the route page for the first stop on each run.
    A time pattern for all  stops will be established within the first week or two of school.
    Plan to be ready at the stop  five minutes ahead of the established time.
    Please be aware that arrival times are affected by many factors, including weather, traffic, sub-drivers and mechanical problems. 
    School Bus Rules of Conduct

    1. Follow directions of the driver at all times.
    2. Stay seated at all times.
    3. Keep all parts of your body in the bus and to yourself.
    4. No pushing, shoving or fighting at any time.
    5. No eating, drinking, smoking or spitting.
    6. Do not litter, write on, or damage the bus in any way.
    7. Do not use profanity, rude gestures, tease or bully anyone on the bus.