• Career Planning


    Career exploration at the Senior High School builds upon the activities at the Junior High School and is designed to expose students to a variety of means of searching for possible career interests. This multi-faceted approach relies on the web-based Naviance activities and exposure through classroom career exploration opportunities.  Students will complete the following activities in Naviance:

       Grade 10: Career Interest Profiler, Cluster Finder, and research career clusters or specific careers of interest

       Grade 11: AchieveWorks® Personality inventory, AchieveWorks® MI Advantage inventory, and research specific careers of interest

       Grade 12: Review careers of interest to determine post-secondary plans

    The goal is to provide students with both information about career possibilities and opportunities to participate in career exploration activities. Career exploration goes hand in hand with post-secondary planning. The ultimate goal of any post-secondary program is to enable one to translate knowledge into productive activity usually resulting in earning ability. We strongly encourage all students, regardless of the kind of post-secondary program they are exploring, to take advantage of career exploration activities.

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