• Website Navigation, Development & Editing
    Welcome and Congratulations! You are about to become a integral contributor to our new website!
    Our new website is powered by a package called Centricity2. It contains many tools to assist you Editor in creating a fantastic web presence for your classroom to share information with your students and parents. In this section I will provide you with the information to get up and running developing your web site.
    On the left you will find links to pages that will walk you through the development and editing of your site. The pages contain instructions, videos and quick reference guides that will make you a Webmaster in no time.
    The nice thing about Centricity2 is the help system. When you are in your editor or development sections there is a "How do I ...?" tab that provides great information on just about everything in developing your site.
    To make things a little easier I have already created sections and webpages for you to get started, templates of sorts. Feel free to use the pages, create your own, or delete any you don't want or need. Below is a list of the pages that are already created in your sections.
    You can get to your website by navigating to your school -> selecting Classrooms in the Channel bar -> then clicking on your name. You must be signed-in to edit your pages.
    Elementary Teachers Sections contain:
    • Welcome page
    • Meet the Teacher page
    • Classroom Calendar (this is just for your class, not associated with any other calendars)
    • Handouts page
    • Student Supply List page (for a list of classroom supplies needed)
    • Interesting Web Resources (to share links to other websites)
    Jr/Sr High Teachers Sections contain:
    • Welcome page
    • Course Expectations page
    • Meet the Teacher page
    • Class Calendar  (this is just for your class, not associated with any other calendars)
    • Class Handouts page
    • Homework page
    • Helpful Resources (to share links to other web resources)
     Please use the links to the left to get started, as we get better at developing our website we will be introducing more and more functionality and offering professional development on using the applications available.
    We will also be offering Website Development classes to help you get started - please check My Learning Plan for dates and times.