• The Office Of Curriculum & Instruction
    Our vision is to graduate students who are well prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world and a global economy. New Hartford graduates must understand and be able to apply the essential skills and concepts they have learned in their content area courses.

    Equally important, they must develop and demonstrate the attitudes and abilities necessary for life-long learning -- the ability to think, communicate, collaborate with others and direct their own learning. Simply stated, students must know how to use their minds well. We will achieve these goals by ensuring that all students earn a Regents Diploma and by requiring all students to demonstrate proficiency in the district's performance standards.
    As a school district, we understand that academic preparedness, by itself, will not be sufficient to ensure the success of our graduates. They must also learn to be responsible citizens, accepting of all people. They need to understand the importance of working hard and contributing to their communities while maintaining a high level of personal wellness. Additionally, they need to develop creative talents and unique interests characteristic of well-rounded, educated individuals.  We can ensure these goals by increasing student involvement in service activities, health and fitness programs and the arts. The world of the future promises to be very challenging and dynamic. Our graduates will do well because they will have the skills necessary to succeed both in learning and in life.