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  • Welcome to my webpage!
    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
    Welcome to the Spanish class !

        You are about to embark in a great adventure. If this is your first year taking Spanish, you are going to learn a lot about a whole new world, the Spanish-speaking world. There are 21 Spanish speaking countries and millions of people in them who speak Spanish and have a very different culture to yours. If this is not your first year, you are going to learn more, understand better and communicate more effectively with this wonderful culture. Open your eyes, your ears and your hearts and enjoy! This is going to be a great year! I am looking forward to teaching you, to getting to know you and to seeing you grow. 
    On the first day of school I will discuss some of my rules and procedures. Here they are in a nutshell: 

    Rules: (3 Rs)

    1. Be respectful.

    • Listen to the teacher and to other students. Don’t interrupt. Be polite. Raise your hand and wait until you are called.
    • Keep your desktop and your textbook clean. Other students have to use it after you. Let me know if you find any writing on it.
    • Ask permission to leave the classroom. Choose an appropriate moment. Take the pass. Be quick coming back. Only go during class if it's absolutely necessary.Try using the restrooms between classes, during study halls or during lunch. 

    2. Be responsible. 

    • Do your homework every day. Do it to the best of your ability.
    • Study every day. Practice, practice, practice.
    • Make up the work if you are absent. It is your responsibility to get the notes and assignments from the teacher or another student.

    3. Be ready.

    • Be in your seat before the bell rings. You must have a pass if you are going to be late.
    • Always have your book, workbook, binder with paper and pen/pencil in class.
    • Have your homework ready to be checked or collected. Don’t wait to be told.
    • Keep your binder organized. File each paper as you get it. Label each section:  
                                     1. Bellwork
                                     2. Notes
                                     3. Practice/HW
                                     4. Tests/quizzes
       •As you come into the classroom, sit down quietly and do the Bellwork which will be in the front of the class everyday.
       •Copy the homework down in your agenda. Homework is in the front bulletin board.
      •When the bell rings, stay seated until the teacher dismisses you.
       •Don’t turn in papers with ragged or frizzy edges. Have pride in your work!
       •Put the appropriate heading on all the papers you turn in:
            Name (use your Spanish name plus your last name)
           Class and period
       •Don’t chew gum or eat. It interferes with your speaking ability.

       •If you are absent find out what we did in class and what homework we had. You can email me and I'll try to respond that same day. When you come back to class, get any notes or worksheets from the bulletin board. See me for any graded make-up work (quizzes, tests, homework, projects) or if you have any questions.   


       Tests                                               20% 
       Quizzes                                         40% 
       Homework and Lab  work        24% 
       Effective Communicator            8
       Complex Thinker                         8%