• Gateway to Technology- Mr. Gillander

    The purpose of this class is to expose you to a broad overview of the field of technology and its related processes. Because engineers use technology to solve problems, many of the activities included in each unit relate to the field of engineering or engineering technology.

    We will spend the majority of our time together learning by doing.

    Gateway to Technology (GTT) contains four units of study; each unit is designed to be completed in ten weeks. The units are:

    • Design and Modeling
    • Automation and Robotics
    • The Science of Technology
    • Flight and Space

    You will complete two of the units with me (bold ones) and the other two with Mr. Soposki next semester.

    Automation and Robotics

          The goal of this unit is to introduce you to the way products are manufactured today. You will learn about structures, energy transfer, and machine automation. We will design and build models and then write computer programs to control them.

    Flight and Space

          The goal of this unit is to introduce you to the history of flight and space travel. You also learn how and why things fly. We will be building and testing flying machines like hot air balloons, gliders, and rockets.

    Class Notebook

          You will be required to keep a GTT notebook. Please purchase a 1 inch binder, any brand, any color. These notebooks will be kept in our room unless you need to take them for study or homework. You will use the same notebook for the second semester.

    Grading Procedure

          You will be evaluated in a variety of ways in each unit. These will include:

                            Activities                           Tests

                            Quizzes                             Homework

                            Complex Thinker              Effective Communicator

                            Final Exam

    Extra Help/Make-up Work

          I am available during lunch and after school most days. All you need to do is ask.

    The Rules

          1-   Keep your feet, hands, and objects to yourself.

          2-   Do not write on the desks.

          3-   Arrive to class on time.

          4-   Be nice.

    Hints for Success

          1-   Ask politely if you need something. Do not make demands. You will be much more likely to get what you want by using the word please and a smile.

          2-   Remember: there are two parts to the word “borrow,” never forget to return the item.

          3-   When Mr. Gillander is helping another student wait patiently for your turn.