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    Welcome to the Resource Room

    Welcome to the 2016-17 school year. The Resource Room is set on the premise that all students can learn, regardless of any obstacles that they may encounter. Resource instruction provides students with the opportunity to work on skills within a small group to ensure success in school.  Students are taught strategies to learn content in different ways. Some of the areas focused on in the Resource Program include:
         Review and reinforcement -Students are allotted the opportunity to   
         revisit challenging material to gain a better understanding of common
         core concepts.
         Preview- Many times material is previewed ahead of time. This allows
         students to learn beforehand what they soon will be going over in their
         content classes.
         Practice- In the program, students practice what they have learned in
         their core classes. This provides students the opportunity to review and
         retain newly acquired information and skills.
         Organization-Students are taught strategies to assist them with
         organizational skills.  
         IEP designated skills- In the resource room, instruction is focused
         on any skills or goals that are identified on a student's Individual
         Education Plan (IEP).
         Self Advocacy Skills- As students prepare to enter high school, the
         ability to advocate for themselves is an extremely important skill that
         they must learn to be successful in school, as well as in life. 
    The ultimate goal of the Resource Room program is not only to assist students in the learning process, but to make students independent learners who are career/college ready.