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                                                                                                                       Shelley L. Bartolotti
                                                                          Reading Specialist
    Myles Elementary

             Welcome to AIS reading class!

      Our reading class will meet at least 3 times a cycle and focus on reading skills that will help with reading accuracy and comprehension.  Our small group size provides the opportunity to give individual attention and practice on skills and strategies necessary in reading.  The focus of instruction is to gain adequate exposure to a range of texts and tasks expected from the Common Core Standards. Lessons will support the Journey's Reading Program (aligned to Common Core) in the classroom with emphasis on vocabulary building and strategies that foster comprehension (visualizing, making connections between various types of text, predicting, making inferences, summarizing , determining importance, etc...).  Improving oral reading fluency remains a goal throughout the course of the year and will monitored throughout
     I look forward to a productive year and aim to motivate students in the area of reading.  I encourage students to read at home on a regular basis as practice is so important.  I will keep parents informed about student progress throughout the course of the year and am always available to speak with parents and encourage this. Please feel free to call or email me a sbartolo@nhart.org with any questions, concerns, or even to let me know of positive things that you are seeing at home. 

                                                                    Shelley Bartolotti