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    Our District
    Our district operates three elementary schools, a junior high school, and a senior high school.  Our instructional buildings are comprised of 110 acres of developed sites that include two complete multi-purpose athletic fields, an all-weather track, a competitive sized swimming pool and a smaller teaching pool.
    In 2010 New Hartford Central School District officially dedicated the new Daniel P. Gilligan Science, Technology, Enginnering, and Math (STEM) Center in the high school.  This opening marked the completion of all major projects of the $25.77 million "Triple A" (Academics, Arts, and Athletics) Capital Project.  Other major accomplishments in the project included the installation of a multi-purpose, all weather field at Don Edick Stadium as well as the opening of the James A. Meyer Community Performing Arts Center.  
    New Hartford schools have an enrollment of approximately 2,500 students and an instructional staff of 236 teachers and administrators.  The New Hartford Teacher Resource and Computer Training Center provides support for professional development.
    Our Mission

    The New Hartford Central School Community ensures an engaging, student-focused environment where everyone can learn, succeed and is valued.  We are committed to: 

    • Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Citizenship
    • Innovation


    Our Vision

    Our vision is to graduate students who are well prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world. New Hartford graduates must understand and be able to apply the essential skills and concepts they have learned in their content area courses. Equally important, they must develop and demonstrate the attitudes and abilities necessary for life-long Learning--the ability to think, communicate, collaborate with others and self-direct their own learning. Simply stated, they must know how to use their minds well. These goals will be achieved by ensuring that all students earn a Regents Diploma and by requiring all students to demonstrate proficiency in the district's Performance Standards.

    As a school district, we understand that academic preparedness, by itself, will not be sufficient to ensure the success of our graduates. They must also learn to be responsible citizens. They need to understand the importance of working hard and contributing to their communities while at the same time, maintaining a high level of personal wellness. Additionally, they need to develop creative talents and unique interests characteristic of well-rounded, educated individuals. We can ensure these goals by increasing student involvement in service activities, health and fitness programs and the arts.

    The world of the future promises to be very challenging and dynamic. However, our graduates will do well because they will have the tools necessary to succeed both in learning and in life.


     Our Priorities 
    • High academic standards and development of the well-rounded student are district priorities.
    • Acceleration, enrichment and honors opportunities are available in all core subjects for secondary school students.
    • Block scheduling at the high school creates longer instructional blocks for implementing innovative and in-depth learning strategies with fewer distractions.
    • Eleven advanced placement courses are offered including United States History, European History, Government, Computer Science, Micro Economics, English, French, Spanish, Calculus AB, Chemistry and Biology. The number of students taking advanced placement exams is nearly five times the national average.
    • Fifteen Regents Level courses are offered including the state's first approved Regents Level course in Ecology.
    • Seventy-three percent (73.1%) of the 1999 graduating class received Regents diplomas, a rate that places the district among the highest in the state. The state norm is approximately 40%.
    • Over 90% of the graduating seniors go to college.
    • An extensive curriculum development process provides for review and revision to keep abreast of new information, trends and techniques. Curriculum is reviewed annually by school and Board of Education curriculum committees. The district has received a National Goals 2000 grant for Learning Assessment and State Learning Technology Grants for technology integration in instruction.
      Foreign language programs are offered in four subjects including: French, Latin, Chinese and Spanish. The high school has a state of the art and interactive language lab for speaking and learning comprehension.
    • Favorable class sizes provide individualized approaches to instruction at all levels.
    • Extensive programs for children with disabilities are provided.
    • Resource rooms in all buildings assist students with learning difficulties.
    • Media centers with extensive collections of print, film and video instructional materials are located in each school building.
    • A gifted and enrichment program provides a schoolwide program of thinking skills and curriculum compacting for students at the elementary level.
    • A comprehensive technology plan provides an introduction to Computer course for grades K-3, keyboarding and word processing course for fourth grade, classroom computer cluster for grades 5-6, a word processing and desktop publishing course for grade 7 and a computer applications course for grades 9-10. Computer technology is integrated in many classes throughout the district. More than 600 networked computers across the district provide students with access to a wealth of instant resources within our schools and around the world.
    • Specialists are available for art, music, physical education, special education and remedial reading instruction.