New Hartford Junior Classical League (Latin Club)

  • The Latin club (New Hartford Junior Classical League) is available to all students starting in grade 7 and continues up to the high school. You do not need to be a current or former Latin student to join Latin club. This club encourages the study and appreciation of Latin and Roman civilization beyond the classroom. There are 3-5 meetings a month between our High School and Junior High clubs, they have separate officers, meetings and meeting topics of interest to each building. Our Latin club is a 40+ year member of the National Junior Classical League. NJCL and NYSJCL sponsor many activities, which give Latin student members the opportunity to meet, compete, and share ideas: regional festivals, national and state conventions, local workshops and certamen events (some of these activities involve day and overnight trips). The New Hartford Junior Classical League has had several students elected to a state office. Please see Mrs. Finlayson for more details if you are interested in participating at the State level.

    Latin club is a pretty busy organization with many yearly field trips and activities. Some of our activities are open to all members such as the Zoo trip, Bowling trip, Mini-golf trip, Saturnalia festival, and Water balloon fight. Other activities are exclusively for members who are also Latin students because the activity requires a solid knowledge of Latin grammar, vocabulary and Roman culture, these include Latinalia (day-long competition against Latin students from 5 other schools held at LeMoyne College), state-level Certamen challenges, Conventions or officer positions and National Conventions or officer positions.

Latinalia 2015!