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    In 1890, Mr. A.M. Scripture was the principal and a professor at the Pearl Street School. He believed New Hartford needed Regents supervision and in 1893 New Hartford became a member of the University of the State of New York. Mr. Scripture succeeded in getting the school raised to senior grade by 1898 and to a full high school with college preparatory courses by 1899.

    New Hartford High School was approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in January of 1899. At that time New Hartford had 400 students and 11 teachers.When New Hartford was chartered in 1899 by the Regents as a high school, it met the requirements of the State Education Department and offered biology, physics, and chemistry in newly enlarged laboratory facilities. Vocal music and physical culture were new instruction courses.

    Other typical courses taken by students in the early 1900s were English, algebra, geometry, foreign languages, spelling, drawing, civics, economics, typewriting, and history, with an emphasis on ancient Greece and Rome.

    Graduates were able to meet the requirements for admission to college including medical, dental, veterinary, and law schools. The course work required to enter these post secondary programs was available to students at New Hartford.
    Today New Hartford Senior High is ranked one of the Top High Schools in the nation.

    New Hartford Sr. High STEM CenterSTEM Center Photo

    The STEM Center is our new facility where students and teachers will share research, demonstrate experiments, present innovations and showcase inventions in: Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Anatomy & Physiology / Ecology / Forensics / Pre-Engineering / Technology / Mathematics.