• Welcome to The Counseling Department
    Your three years at the Senior High School will present you with many exciting opportunities! The counselors have a great deal of information to share with you and it may seem overwhelming at times! We have created these web pages to provide you with easy access to this information. We are always open to suggestions on how to improve this site.
    The Counseling and Guidance Department at the Senior High School consists of three certified school counselors. We welcome students, parents and faculty to access the services provided by our department. Feel free to contact any of the counselors listed below if you have questions about Counseling Department services. If we are not immediately available, the secretaries will be glad to take a message, or you can leave a message through voice mail or email.
     Mr. Lutz
    Mr. Jim Lutz
    Class of 2021, Letters A - J
    Class of 2022, Letters A - I
    Class of 2023, Letters A - G
    Class of 2024, Letters A - G
    Ms. von Schiller-Deep  
    Ms. Erika von Schiller-Deep
    Counseling Dept. Chair
    Class of 2021, Letters K - M
    Class of 2022, Letters J - M
    Class of 2023, Letters H - M
    Class of 2024, Letters H - M
     Mr. Baldo
    Mr. Jay Baldo

    Class of 2021, Letters N - Z 
    Class of 2022, Letters N - Z
    Class of 2023, Letters N - Z
    Class of 2024, Letters N - Z

    Mrs. Laura D'Amore 
    Counseling Department Secretary


    College Admissions Representatives and Military Recruiters wishing to visit the Senior High School should contact Mrs. D'Amore for an appointment.
    Mrs. Melissa Bannigan
    Counseling Department Secretary