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    Access to ScheduleGalaxy:

    • Click on the ScheduleGalaxy logo or link above.
    • Click on “Register” at the top right of the page and register to subscribe to individual team schedules on the site or the App.
    • To get game details, directions to the contest, and ability to get to the team schedule, click on the desired game on the calendar.
    • Or use the Quick Toggle in the upper left-hand corner and choose the team you’re looking for by entering the sport and level and click on the desired game on the schedule.
    • Clicking on the game on the calendar or the schedule will give you an overview of the details of the game, a map view of the location of the game and the ability to get directions to the game site by clicking on the Get Directions icon in the lower left-hand corner below the map.
    • This will bring up Google Maps which will already contain the endpoint (school site) of where the game is being held. All you do is enter your starting point.
    • To sign up for email alerts to game changes, click on the Back to Team Page icon or again use the Quick Toggle to choose your desired team.
    • At the top right-hand corner above the team schedule, you will see the Subscribe to Schedule Do this for every team for which you want to subscribe.
    • You will see the schedules you’ve subscribed to on the left-hand side of the homepage on the computer and you will see them on the App.