• Transportation Routing Information
    (Route Numbers are located in the side window next to the bus entrance door) 
    Bus Routing Line-Up 2018 - 2019 as of Aug. 2018

    (2:24pm.) Leaves Perry (2:17pm.) Leaves High School


    Perry Jr. High & Senior High (Bus Runs) 

    BUS #224

    Route starts at 6:55 am. On Higby Road. (Above Mohawk st.)
    Graffenburg Rd, Wilson Rd, Harts Dr., Hayes Rd, Salibury Dr., Slaytonbush Lane, Higham Road., Pleasant St. (Graffenburg to Sherman Dr.)


    BUS #228

    Route starts at 6:55 am.  On Cascade Dr.,
    North side of Higby between Tilden & Graffenburg, Sherman Dr., Sherman Cir., Wadsworth Lane, Smithport Rd.


    BUS #229

    Route starts at 7:08 am Oxford Rd,
    Roman Rd, Twyndom Terrace E. Park Row, Hughes Lane, Gateshead Road, Harrogate Rd.,



    Route starts at 7:10. Graham Ave., Bonnie Ave.,
    Croft Blvd., Craig Ave., Bohling Rd., Gary Ave., Hoffman Rd., 
    Hartford Terrace (Hoffman Rd.to Sherman St.), Roots St., Hillside Ave. S., Tisdale.


    BUS #231

    Route starts at 7:07 am. on Gilbert Rd,
    Compton Rd., Canterbury Rd., Old Willow, Deer Run Rd., Thornwood Rd., Knollwood Rd., Wedgwood Rd., Tanglewood Rd., Foxwood Rd., Fieldwood Rd., Wildwood Rd., Partridge Rd., Claridge Court, Sanger @ Terrace Hill.


    BUS #235

    Route starts at 6:58 am. Going down Valley View Road,
    Pleasant Street, Waterford Lane, Sherman Dr. (Below Pleasant St.), Hills Dr., Up Valley View Road, 
    Sedgewick North & South,


    BUS #236

    Route starts at 6:55 am. On Tilden Ave.,
    Wadsworth Rd., Westwood Lane., Tabor Rd, Beckwith Circle, Narla Lane, Tabor Lane, Sylvan Glen Rd., South Hills Dr.


    BUS #237

    Route starts at 7:00 am. On Jubilee Estates,
    Tibbitts Rd, Sleepy Hollow, Red Hill Rd., Grange Hill Rd., Butler Rd., Hillside Gardens Apartments,


    BUS #241

    Route starts at 7:12 am. On Chapman Rd,
    Meadowbrook, Westminister Ci, Brookside Te, Kensington Ct, Donegal Pl, Frederick, Christopher.


    BUS # 242 (PM ONLY)

    Longfellow Dr., Tennyson Rd., Tennyson Circle, Emerson Rd.,  Lowell Dr., Middle Grove Lane, Eagle Ridge Dr., Morgan Lane 


    BUS #243

    Route starts at 7:08 am. on Higby Rd (above Valley View to Mohawk St.)
    Pebble Creek Lane, Augusta Dr., 
    Higby Road (From Chapman Rd. down to Oneida Street)


    BUS #244

    Route starts at 7:10am. CORNER STOPS

    @ Sanger Ave. & Pearl St., @ Sanger & Hartford Terrace,

    @ Sanger & Hillside Ave., @ Overbrook & Paris Rd,

    @ Paris Rd. & Hillside Ave., @ Paris Road & Hartford Terrace.


    BUS #245

    Route starts at 7:10  Sylvan Way.
    Sylvan Way, Deerpath Dr., Deerpath Court, Christine Court, Upper Woods Road, Upper Woods Circle


    BUS #246

    Route starts at 7:03 on  Woodberry Rd.,
    Woodberry Rd.,  Foxcroft Rd., Woodstream Court, Rollingwood Dr., Hubbardton Rd., Barley Mow Run


    BUS #247

    Route starts at 7:03 on Allman Pl., Allman Pl., Davis Pl., Leard Rd, Seneca Tpke

    CORNER STOP  @ Lexington

    CORNER STOP  @ Caryl Blvd.

    CORNER STOP  @ Park

    CORNER STOP  @ Midland

    Concord Blvd., Salem Rd., Norwood Rd., Wilbur Rd, Lawrence Rd., Esmeralda Ave., Slusser Ave., Golf Ave.


    BUS #248

    Route starts at 7:08 am. on Rte 12 @ Medford Pl.
    Medford Pl., Mayberry Ave., Paris Rd, Pippinwood Dr., Briarwood Lane, Kelly Lane, Oakwood Dr., Grandview Rd.


    BUS #250

    Route starts at 7:05 am on Stonebridge Rd.Stonebridge Rd.,
    Stonebridge Circle, Stonegate Rd., White Pine Rd, Old Orchard Rd., Westminster Rd., Lower Woods Rd. North, Wheatley Circle, Robin Rd., Tilton Rd., Windsor Terrace, Allen Rd., Arlington Terrace, Woodland Village.


    BUS #251 

    Route starts at 7:08 am. (Corner Stops)@ Clinton Road & Paulevan Pl.,
    Edna Terrace, Francis Rd., Edna Terrace, Irving Rd., Oakdale Ave. S., Elmhurst Dr., Balsam Cresent, Mapledale Rd., Oakdale Ave. S., Irving Rd., Geraldine Ave., 
    Watts St.


    BUS #252

    Route starts at 7:12 am .on Clinton View Blvd.

    Clinton view Blvd., Merritt Pl.

    Corner Stop @ Rosedale Court

    Corner Stop @ Pleasantview Ave.

    Corner Stop @ Parkway Place

    Corner Stop @ Mulivihill Dr.

    Marlboro , Grace Terrace, Marlboro Rd., Evalon Rd.


    BUS #253

    Route starts at 6:58 on Oneida St from Kellogg Rd to Utica line,
    Glencrest Blvd., Chestnut Rd., Bayberry Lane, Cranberry Lane, Danberry Circle, Butternut Rd., Thurston Blvd., Bradley Rd., Benton Circle, Knoll Rd, Forest Rd, Brantwood Rd., Brantwood Lane, South Lower Woods Road


    BUS #254 (AM ONLY)

    Route Starts at 7:05 am. @ PARIS Rd & GLEN
    Longfellow Dr., Tennyson Rd.,Tennyson Circle, Emerson Rd.,  Lowell Dr., Middle Grove Lane, Eagle Ridge Dr., Morgan Lane 


    BUS # 255

    Route starts at 7:10 am 1st Driveway on Waterbeech Place.
    Ironwood Rd, Waterbeech Place, Viburnum Lane, Juniper Lane, Viburnum Place, Silver Birch Court, Thistle Court.


    BUS #256

    Route starts at 7:10 am. Corner Stop @ Huntington Place, Corner Stop @ Colonial Drive
    Lower Jordan Rd., Hawthorne Rd., Winship Rd., Laurel wood Rd., Heatherwood Dr., Galway Rd., Crestwood Terrace, Virginia Lane.


    BUS #260

    Route starts at 7:09 am. On Ontario Ave., Gerry Ave, Wilbur Rd N., Woods Rd., Limberlost Rd.


    BUS #261

    Route starts at 7:05 on Janet Terrace, Humphrey Terrace, Center Terrace, Wills Drive
    Lower Tibbitts (Between Kellogg Rd. & Oxford Rd.), Imperial Dr., Royal Court, Regency Rd., Court Knolle, Regal Place, Sherrill Lane.


    BUS #262

    Route starts at 6:55 on Roberts Rd, Mohawk St, Sessions Rd., Knight Rd, Cosmo Ct.


    BUS #263

    Route starts at 6:58 am at Liberty Ave.,
    Shepard Ave., Roberts Rd., Powell Ave.S, , Coxe Ave., Glendale, Middle Settlement Rd., Clinton Rd.(12B), Lewiston Apts, Swiss Garden Apts., Fawncrest Blvd., Merrimac St., Stanhope Ct., Haverhill Dr..


    BUS #264

    Route starts @ 6:58am.on Snowden Hill Rd,
    Lloyds Lane, Grange Hill Rd., Neals Gulf Rd., Red Hill Rd. below Neals Gulf., Beechwood Rd.


    BUS #265

    Route starts at 6:57 am on Oneida St between Kellogg Rd and Washington Mill Athletic Park,
    Mallory Rd, Herron Court, Kingfisher Lane, Bittern Court, Upper Sessions Rd.


    BUS #266

    Route starts at 7:03 on Clinton Rd @ Myles Elementary
    Corner Stop  Sycamore Dr. (East & West), Arbor Dr., Pinecrest Rd., Larchmont Dr., Birchdale Cresent, Cone