• Bell Schedule and Attendance Policy
     The school day for students at New Hartford Senior High School is 7:45 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.  
    Attendance is important!
    It is each student's basic responsibility as a member of the school community.
    In addition, regular attendance is directly related to academic and career success. Every student is expected to be on time and attend all classes, except in those instances listed below.

    Attendance is taken by teachers each period. The attendance secretary makes daily telephone calls to parents/guardians to report unauthorized class absences, and regular attendance reports are sent to parents/guardians. Although we contact many parents by phone each day to ascertain the reason for their child's absence, it is advisable for parent/guardian to call the school attendance office when he/she knows the child is going to be absent. Also, for all absences other than truancy, the student is required to submit a note from the parent/guardian explaining absence. The note should include the date and reason for absence.

    There are two reasons for absence.
    1. Excused Reason: The District recognizes the following "excused absences" as defined by Section 175.6 of the Commissioner's Regulations: personal illness, serious illness of death in the family, impassable roads due to weather conditions, religious observance, quarantine, court appearances, attendance at health clinics, approved cooperative work programs, approved college visits, military obligations, disciplinary detention of an incarcerated youth or any other reason approved by the Commissioner. Additionally, the building principal has the discretion to excuse a student's absence for certain limited family reasons (such as a wedding or graduation).
    All instances of excused absences require a written parent/guardian excuse. The excuse must identify the date/time of absence, reason for the absence, tardiness, or early departure and parent/guardian signature. Students failing to present an excuse prior to an early departure or upon reporting back to school following an absence or tardiness will be subject to a warning. Subsequent offenses will result in progressive discipline measures.

    2. Unexcused Reason: Most absences not mentioned above are interpreted under the law as "unexcused absences" including but not limited to non school sponsored activities, vacation, shopping, babysitting, oversleeping, needed at home, cold weather or missing the bus.
    Any reason not listed as excused will be deemed unexcused unless the Building Principal determines otherwise.

    The two categories of unexcused absences are: Illegal absence: Illegal absence occurs when the pupil is absent with the knowledge and consent of his/her parent/guardian for other than an excused absence.

    Truancy: A student who is absent for all or part of a day without knowledge and consent of his/her parent/guardian for other than an excused absence is considered truancy. Truancy is a violation of New York State Law and is subject to disciplinary measures imposed both by the school and Family Court.