• New Hartford Central School District
    Emergency Awareness for Parents



    1.    Make sure emergency contact information is correct: mailing address, phone numbers, and pick-up information. Your child will only be released to parents and persons identified on the emergency contact list.

    2.    Keep medical information and medications up to date with the school nurse.

    3.    Review the emergency response information with your child. Remind them to listen to their teacher/ staff for instructions and to remain calm. Explain to them that they may be moved to a different location in the event of an emergency. Talking with your child ahead of time can help to ease anxiety and fear if an emergency occurs.

    4.    Keep alert. Report any suspicious behaviors or activities to school administration or law enforcement.

    5.    “See Something, Say Something!”



    1.    If an emergency occurs, student safety is the first priority.

    2.    DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL UNTIL NOTIFIED TO DO SO. Listen for further instruction. Monitor the district’s school messenger system and the district’s website for official information. Be accessible; remain at the emergency phone numbers you provided to the school.

    3.    Students will be held in school custody until the emergency has been declared safe. If your child will be dismissed directly to your custody or the custody of persons identified on the emergency contact list, they must be signed out.

    4.    When picking up your child, ensure that you have proper identification with you. During an emergency, pickup procedures may be different and ID may be required to release your child.

    Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)  (315) 732-6228

    If you feel your child is a danger to themselves or others, call 911 or the Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)

    Download these Information Cards as a .pdf


    Provided by:
    OHM BOCES Safety Services