• Emergency Responses for the
    New Hartford Central School District

    Emergency Awareness for Parents

    Below is a description of the New York State standardized terminology that the District is using during emergencies. Depending on the nature of the incident, the school will implement one of the following protective actions:


    Used to shelter students and staff inside the building in the event it is safer inside the building than outside. For example, this response might be implemented in the event of severe weather.


    Used to limit movement of students and staff while dealing with short-term emergencies, such as maintenance issues or medical emergencies.


    Used to evacuate students and staff from the building. When an evacuation is necessary, students can be moved outside on school grounds or to a predetermined shelter site depending on the threat.


    Used to secure school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose an imminent concern outside of the school and in the community, but not an imminent threat to the school.


    Used to secure school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose an immediate threat of violence in or around the school. Students and staff will move to a safe area in the building and remain quiet until they are released.

    High School:                       (315) 624-1214

    Perry Junior High School:     (315) 738-9300

    Hughes Elementary:            (315) 738-9350

    Myles Elementary:               (315) 738-9600

    Bradley Elementary:            (315) 624-1220