• The High School Student Council is currently seeking applicants for Officers in the following positions:

    President: responsible for the scheduling of meetings, setting meeting agendas, and general organization. 

    Vice President: responsible for helping the President carry out the duties of the High School Student Council.

    Treasurer: responsible for maintaining the accounts, filling out necessary forms for deposits and withdrawals, and reporting finances at meetings.

    Secretary: responsible for creating, maintaining, and organizing meeting minutes.


    All Officers are expected to contribute equally to the events organized and held by the High School Student Council, which include,

    but are not limited to High School Homecoming and the Annual Talent Show.

    Anyone who will be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior during the school year that they are seeking office is eligible to run. 


    Anyone interested in becoming a High School Student Council Officer can email Ms. Storm or see her in the Library.

    Please do not apply for a Student Council Officer position if you currently hold or are seeking another office.