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    FOR RELEASE:  IMMEDIATE September 12, 2017

    New Hartford Central School District Honors Faculty and Staff for Dedicated Years of Service


    Teachers Mary Becker and Patricia Kershaw each received standing ovations when the New Hartford Central School District recently honored them among 72 employees with certificates and pins to recognize years of employment.  The ovations were clearly a sign of the acclaim that comes with having served as Becker and Kershaw have: as faculty members for 35 years.  

    “My classroom at New Hartford has provided constant rewards and has been a source of inspiration for me over the years,” Becker said.  She teaches special education at Bradley Elementary School.  “I've been blessed to be a part of a great team of colleagues who positively impact the lives of a generation of New Hartford students.  We are proud of our successes, and I personally feel fortunate to have watched my children grow and excel at the same time.”

    Patricia Kershaw has seen dynamic changes in her specialty--high school science--in her more than three decades in the classroom, but to her it hasn’t seemed that long.  "It's been a privilege to be a part of so many students' lives, and the years, as they say, have flown by,” Kershaw said.  “I've immensely enjoyed my years in the classroom at New Hartford, years that I've shared with wonderful colleagues and students that brighten my days with their enthusiasm and humor."

    The complete list of faculty and staff honorees include:

    30 Years of Service:  MaryEllen Weeks and Theresa Sweeney

    25 Years of Service:  Shelley Bartolotti, Allen Christman, Lisa Cooper, Lisa Crouch, June Leonard, Kevin McCoy, Marybeth Russo, Erika von Schiller-Deep, Lynette Cunningham, and Donna Manfredo

    20 Years of Service:  Michael Amante, Eve Calli, Heather Cornish, Jill Davies-Nelson, Gail Evans, Amy Gillander, Natasha Homa, Jennifer Huntley, Brian LaLonde, Douglas Payne, Mark Thomas, Tammy Wiley, Jeffrey Davis, Darlene Dunn, Andrew Morgan, Judy Tartaglia, and Frederick Tedesco

    15 Years of Service:  Meggan Alt, Denise Altamuro, Matthew Arnold, Katherine Cooke, Jennifer Conover, Julie Daley, Robert Nole, Christine Pal, Cyndi Posello, Karen Randall, Christine Raynard, Derek Richards, Amy Rizzuto, Eileen Roth, Emily Ryan, Bobbie Schultz, Jeanine Servadio, Kristie Yoxall, Tamela Zecca, Aaron Card, Eileen Cougan, Brian Crowe, David Green, Elizabeth Heil, and Diana Jaworski

    10 Years of Service:  Karen Davis, Michelle Grimmer, Jessica Lewis, Jessica McNair, Katie Sullivan, Amy Tallman, Bethany Truax, Justin Assisi, Kirstin Abbe, Chris Damiano, Doreen Castronovo, Kathleen Hollister, Kristin Holbert, Diane Laria, Marie Perrotta, and Manuela Twitchell

    The District would like to thank all of its faculty and staff for their outstanding efforts in providing an excellent educational experience for all of our students.



    Robert J. Nole

    Robert J. Nole

    Superintendent of Schools