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    Emerging Technologies


    This 20 week, 1/2 credit elective course is designed to give students an opportunity to identify and explore the potential benefits of new technology and determine the feasibility of their implementation in society. In the course, students will learn to research and apply new and/or innovative technologies which are being integrated into business, industry, education, and the medical fields today.

    The course will allow students to investigate trends and examine the potential impact of these technologies on these industries, in our own community, and beyond. Though study and exposure, it is hoped they will learn what education and skill sets must be obtained to pursue these evolving fields after high school. Sample topics that may be covered are drones, virtual and augmented reality, computer vision/simulation technologies, telecommunications, collaboration technologies, the evolution of smart home technology, driverless/hybrid vehicles, and other topics that might be timely and relevant.


    The course incorporates a number of guest speakers who come in to share their expertise as well as field trips into the community to see cutting-edge technologies in action. At the end of the course, the goal is that students will have a portfolio of documented learned experiences, contacts with member of the community who might provide mentoring or internship opportunities in the future, as well as completion of a Capstone Project which demonstrates concentrated study in an area of interest to the individual student that might serve as a springboard for college admission or employment opportunities in their future academic or employment pursuits.