• Perry Junior High is pleased to announce the introduction of Naviance as a college and career exploration program being offered to New Hartford Students.  Naviance is a computer based program designed to allow each student the opportunity to explore their strengths and interests, research college and career clusters, develop a portfolio for college applications, and much more!


    The counseling office will be providing group instruction on the following themes:


    • 7th graders will set up accounts and complete a Learning Style Inventory.  They will use the results to influence study skills.


    • 8th graders will complete a Career Key to identify their Holland interest code.  Potential careers will be generated that align with this code, and are reflective of their current interests.


    • 9th graders will complete a Strengths Explorer.  This assessment will identify a student's strongest emerging talent and discuss buiding on these strengths. 



    Naviance is accessible to all students from any computer, tablet, phone with internet access.  There is a wealth of information available and we encourage families to spend time together looking at the many options available to students!


    Please click on the link below to be redirected to the Naviance sign-in page.