• Welcome to Music 7/8! 

    rock on rock on rock on


    1. What is Music 7/8?


    It is a graduation requirement that every student at Perry Junior High take at least one year of a music class or ensemble. Music 7/8 is a required class for students not enrolled in band, choir, or orchestra. The requirement must be completed in 7th or 8th grade.


    2. What supplies do I need for class?

    The only thing you need is a folder with your name written clearly on the front that you can leave in class. You will also need something to write with.


    3.  What do we do in this class?

    My philosophy is that music is not a "sit down and take notes" kind of class. We will constantly be up and moving and getting to know each other. We will participate in multiple units with instruments, such as African drumming, bucket drumming, xylophones, handbells, and the guitar! We will use garageband to compose electronic music and more!! There is very little homework. It is so much fun and one of my favorite classes to teach.


    4. What are the class rules? What happens if I do not follow them?

    Our class rules are:

    1. Be RESPECTFUL. Respect the teacher, all adults, all students, and the instruments ALWAYS.

    2. Be RESPONSIBLE. Come to class prepared with the correct materials.

    3. Be a good COMMUNITY MEMBER. Raise your hand if you have something to say, and listen to the opinions of others.

    4. Try your best every day!!


    Consequences for misbehavor:

    1. Warning

    2. Phone call home

    3. Office referral/detention