What should students and parents expect from the STEAM Initiative?



    (Photo above: SUNY Poly student working with DELTA STEM students on computer coding project)


    • STEAM concepts and practices in all grade levels and throughout all content areas
    • Curriculum, instruction, and materials that focus on integration, establish relevance, emphasize 21st-century skills, provide challenge in a safe learning environment, and allow for a variety of outcomes
    • High expectations and strong support for all students
    • Appropriate opportunities for every student
    • Assessment that is an integral part of the instruction which guides teachers and enhances student learning
    • The use of technology to facilitate learning
    • Learning opportunities that promote creative, divergent thinking and problem-solving
    • Ideas are connected to other subjects and everyday life by actively building new knowledge from experience and prior knowledge
    • The ability to communicate ideas, reasons, arguments, and evidence through reading, writing, and speaking
    • An environment that promotes discourse and respect for diverse approaches to learning


    STEAM at NH