• New Hartford Central  School District

    33 Oxford  Road

    New Hartford, NY   1 3413


     October  2016 


    Dear Community Members:


    It's  School Board Recognition Week October  24- 28, 2016!   On behalf  of the New Hartford Central School District, our staff  and students, please let me take the time  to recognize the members  of the New Hartford School Board.  This week is set aside, each year, to appreciate and applaud  the incredible efforts of these dedicated men and women on behalf  of our students, staff,  and community.


    Our school  board  is the bridge  between you, the community, and the administration. The school  board  provides  vital support and vision which  has led to continued growth and improvements throughout our district. Their  efforts are made through unselfish motives  to better  the quality of education for  all students.


    Though many in our governmental system are paid, our school board  members  are simply  local citizens, selflessly  giving  of their  time, knowledge, and efforts to do what  is best for kids.  They spend  many hours  preparing for board  meetings, visiting buildings, attending committee meetings, talking with  teachers  and administrators while giving their  time  away from  jobs,  homes, and families.  Our board members  come from  various  backgrounds yet come together for the common goal of bettering the New Hartford Central School District which, in turn, strengthens the community.


    Please take time  to thank  any school  board  member  you might come in contact  with:   Paul Piotrowski, Beth Coombs, Jim Davis, Pam King, John Jadhon,  Lisa Philipson  and Jim Stephens  It is their  hard

    work  and tireless  efforts that  make it a great day to be a New Hartford Spartan!




    Robert J.  Nole

    Superintendent of Schools